What to do if your man disrespects you but you still love him?


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Buy him a gym punching bag to take his frustrations out on it. That should give him a clue.When he is positive, give him attention. When he is negative, just walk away and don't feed into the drama. NO WOMAN SHOULD BE TREATED AS A PUNCHING BAG AND DISRESPECTED.

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Its not that much love in the world to stay with a man who disrespects, abuses or hurts YOU.  Staying and loving him tells him you agree with him disrespecting you. Leave get intense counseling and move on to a man who respects, loves and cares for you.

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The first thing you do is that you ask yourself why you think you deserve to be treated that way. You are in love with what you want him to be (perhaps what you thought he was when you first met) and not who he actually is.  If HE actually loved you he wouldn't  think of treating you that way.  Every time he does, and you don't walk away, you are giving your tacit approval.  It's not up to him to decide how he wants to treat you.  It's up to you to either decide you deserve this or you don't. 

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By the sounds of your comments to other posters, it sounds like more is going on than being disrespected.  If he is continually making you feel bad, then I feel compelled to ask .. What is it, that you find so compelling about him? Being in love .. Or thinking you are in love with someone who has nothing positive to offer you, may not be 'love' at all.  To love someone .. You have to be able to 'like' them too.  Sounds as if there is not much to like about this guy.

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Feona Pkr
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I know his job, his gym is more important for him.he just keeps on reminding me that he's very loyal to me and loves me though he have no time to talk or meet with me.I am really fckd up.I don't know wat to do and I can't even leave him cuz I love him :'(
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I'm thinking he may have a different understanding to what the meaning of 'loyal' .. being loyal is more than just not messing around with other females .. It's being present and committed in a relationship...of which he is not due to lack of planning or time .. either way .. THAT is not enough to cultivate a relationship. Putting effort into everything else but the relationship will only have one outcome.
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Ur right :(
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First you tell him how you feel. If he continues, you love yourself as much as you think you love him, and walk away. If someone continues to disrespect their SO, they are emotionally abusive and you need to walk away,

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Feona Pkr
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Thanks for ur lovely ans..I know he's gonna continue. .time for some revenge..I don't even hav any idea how to make him feel bad .
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You don't seek revenge, you just walk away and cut all ties. Remember the old saying, living well it the best revenge. By giving him no attention means he is insignificant. That is the best revenge.
Feona Pkr
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I'm giving him no attention..thanks!
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Ask yourself if you would treat him the way he treats you?  You love him right?  Well that should answer your question, run as fast as you can away from him.  Respect yourself enough to not allow this treatment.  If he really loved you he would respect and care for you, it's easy to say the words but actions speak much louder.

If there is physical abuse then you need to report the abuse, never, ever allow somebody to treat you this way because he sure as heck doesn't respect you.

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