What Questions Could I Ask My Guy Friend, In Order To Get To Know Him Better?


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Ask him questions that you want to know a bout him
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Ask him natural questions like his favourite colour and stuff, just normal questions. We guys like to answer questions some times as long as they are not sick but ask him his hobbies and stuff.
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Remember one thing : never judge anyone in an instant. It should have taken some time to judge someone. It is the best thing to know the likes and dislikes of somebody to know him, and to judge him. The best thing which can tell you about someone is his habits of eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, and living. When you know all this, you know a lot of the person you're concerned about.
Hence we can derive the three basic things required to judge someone and to ask questions about them so that we can know him/her better. These things or steps are

1)to eat together.
2) to go on some journey together.
3) to lend some money to the concerned person and see his attitude about it.

When you observe these three things you can judge someone very well. You can ask about his eating, drinking, and living habits. For example, if he asks for some money from you and promises to pay you back the next day, he's a liar. Because he really does not need it. Remember that means a big amount, not a short one. But if he says I would pay it back to you after some days, say 6 months. Then it means he's sincere with you. And he really needs it. Similarly you can ask several questions about eating and drinking habits, and who are his friends. Because it is a very famous proverb that a man is known by the company he keeps. I hope you're satisfied now. And you can ask him questions related to those things.

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