If A Guy Says He Hates You And To Never Come Back, Then He Calls And Apologizes, Should I Take Him Back? Even If I Love Him.


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This guy has shown you a great amount of disrespect and been very offensive to you. However, in the heat of the moment, we all say things that we don't mean. Is it possible, it was just the heat of the moment. If you want to take him back, do it slowly, don't just forgive and forget, that's not the way to handle this.

The question is. Why did he say that to you?

You deserve to be treated with even if you had done something awful. My advice is simple, tell him you still love him but what he said was hurtful and wrong and that you will need a bit of time. HE doesn't need to do anything, try to limit how much you see him, make him work a little harder for you, let's see if he deserves you. After all, you're amazing and deserve it!
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It very much depends on what was going on to make him say this in the first place. We all say things in the heat of the moment.

Perhaps you said something to hurt and upset him and he was getting his own back?If he was just being asty and trying to hurt you that's a different matter.I think that you have to look at the context of what made him say it and why.

He's obviously thought about what he's said and has apologised. Only you know what made him say it so you must decide whether or not you want him back and rty not to get into another situation where the same thing happens again.
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In the heat of the moment I'd say yes because I love him, then wait till later to decide what I'm doing with my life. But if you're not like me and don't spend your life waiting, I would dump the mean maggot and move on.

If this does not work don't blame me - I'm a first time dater. Oh how you probably wish you were me, a beginner and not caring who or what people think; and dating who she wants to without caring about love...
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I had a guy that was in mid 40's living at home with momma. He would say to me that it was over and he hated me.Called me names,said he was with someone else,had his mom block my number and then 3 hrs later call me and want to meet to make it work?
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You should but if he was an ass whole before make him wait for you. Then say yes to him but don't make so clear to him that like your a door matt waiting to get a call when he askes you wait 3 seconds but not to slow and if that you don't want that plan then play REALLY HARD TO GET!   

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Don't take him back.  You cannot change people.  You cannot make this guy better by being the best, most thoughtful, and most forgiving girlfriend.  He will not improve under your careful watch.

Dump him.  His terrible behavior will escalate and you will be the perpetual victim.  Find a guy who communicates better and with more honesty, and who has more self control.

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You should talk to him and ask him why he said those things. Tell him they hurt your feelings and that he shouldn't have said them. If you really love him tell him that but also tell him if he does this ever again... You

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