How Can I Know If My Boyfriend Really Cares About Me? Am I Wrong To Need Reassurance?


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You're not wrong to need reassurance. Maybe he's not purposely doing what you say, he probably needs help opening up in that kind of way. Be sensitive to him too. But if you simply are not getting what you need out of the relationship then maybe you should get into one where you get what you need. Relationships are supposed to be fulfilling and it doesn't look like your needs are being met.
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Men are tricky. Your boyfriend probably does care about you but with him being a man they find it harder than us women to show their feelings. I say give it a little bit more time give him the time he needs to open up and unguard those feelings of his. All men are afraid of being hurt and that is why he is having a hard time showing emotion. But do not pressure him into telling you his feelings and emotions that could backfire. I say give it another month if you feel that there is no progression plan a weekend away. If the weekend away does not do it then maybe you two are not meant to be together.
Life is rather short and you do not know when your life will end; do you want to waste it on someone who can't muster up enough emotion to make you feel special?
Question?: Do you love yourself enough to know yourself? What do you stand for?
If you had a daughter that had a man just like the one you are referring to, would you be pleased with the relationship?

When you answer these questions, you will have your answer. What comes next is; the question regarding your standards; have you developed them and if so, do you love yourself enough to stand by them?

Be in love with yourself!
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If you want to stay with R2D2, then that is your choice; me, personally would not opt for that decision. Find you a man that can COMMUNICATE his feelings. Either he really doesn't have a lot of feelings for you, he is incapable of having empathy for you(think sociopath), or he has something to hide. You must be honest with yourself also. Are you a NEEDY person who needs constant reassurance? Only you know the answer to that. Hope this bit of pyscho-babble has helped you reach an answer to a very good question.
>Dr. M
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Eye contact..To know if he really loves you..Psychologically,eye contact is the first sign to know if a person is really interested in you..Reply to me if you have any doubt.

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