I'M A TYPICAL, SELF-ABSORBED, INSECURE TEENAGER. I don't usually care about this crud, but something came up this week and now I just REALLY need to know- Look at my profile pic and tell me how I look. Be stone cold honest?

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I think your head is on sideways, other than that, you look like a typical teenage girl.

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I-Need-Help Valkyrie
Yeah, I don't know how to fix that and don't want to put in the effort to find out.
I was going to address that in the question but the character limit. :/

Anyway, typical.
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lol. if everyone was so concerned with fixing what''s different about them, then we would never know the meaning of beauty.
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You look great, I don't know how old you are but im pretty sure everyone goes through that stage where they start worry about how they look.

If you have a question that goes over the limit simply post the details as an answer to your own question.

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Stages of life your great just hang in their and dont listen to what kind of crap others say about u

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I don't think putting your picture on the Internet and asking people their opinions on your physical apearance is good for building anyone's self esteem.. That's me being stone cold honest.

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Thanks for helping her rooster :) I like the kid :)
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I mostly agree but I think for some people doing so can help. Just putting it on the table and challenging the fears and doing something you normally wouldn't consider. But I think you got "lucky" choosing blurtit! one of the best communities that are not rood, nice, but HONEST. I know people who share completely different views on some things and still get along and have a good relationship with.

Most online communities seem to have an overly specific atmosphere and just wont bother with people that have different views. I would call that... online peer pressure.

Anyway, no one is gonna judge you for your looks here!
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I'm also slightly put off by your head being attached at a 90 degree angle.

Ok---I put it in a Word document and rotated it 90 degrees to normal. I think after successful plastic surgery I would be quite pleased to be seen in public with you.

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