I have a crush on a guy that works at a food store but there's nothing there that I can buy in order to go and there and talk to him. What do I do? What do I say? How do I approach him to give him my number or ask him out? I don't know what to do????


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Let's break this one down a little bit

First things first.  Is there any reason you can't buy at the store in order to go and speak to him? I'm sure you could find SOMETHING in the entire store that you could buy, even if it's the cheapest thing there!

The approach

It's obvious that you're a bit nervous about speaking to him, and that's fine.  What that tells you is that you care whether he likes you or not.  So how do you talk to him?

My advice would be to be yourself.  Yes, that old chestnut.  If you're pre-planning your approach too much, you may forget what you wanted to say and then you're stuck looking a bit lost.  If you act naturally, and let the conversation flow, you're much more likely to leave a good impression.

What should you say?

My recommendation would be to simply tell him that you think he's attractive.  Ask him a little about himself, and try to figure out whether he's open to meeting up with you sometime.

Don't simply approach him to give him your number.  Allow him to see you for who you are.  If things go well, then by all means ask if he'd like your phone number.  Alternatively, you could ask for his.

The final verdict

Remember the following:

  1. You CAN buy something from the store - just choose anything.
  2. Don't try to pre-plan too much - you may forget what you wanted to say and start mumbling.
  3. Be yourself.  Be polite, ask him about himself, let him know that you're interested.
  4. Ask if he'd be interested in getting to know you when he's not working.

Also, remember that he's at work.  He might be a little surprised that you're approaching him in this way.  Play it cool, and have fun with it.  If he's not interested, what's the worst that could happen? You don't shop in that store on a regular basis anyway! Good luck!

Oh yeah, here's a video to watch beforehand that might help you out.  Some of the advice varies to mine, but it's a worthwhile watch I think:

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If you can't go to that store then maybe you can talk to him the moment he comes out of the store and like as he comes out then say hi.  I'm sure he'll reply so then tell him who you are and then ask something about him and then try to talk to him. Say that he's above guy and then just act as if you have to hurry and then jut give him your number and tell him to call you and then I'm sure he'll call you! 

Or then you may try to have guts to go to the store or just buy anything and then on a paper when he comes to serve you just show that you like him. Write it on a paper and as he comes show him that paper and then I guess he'll try to talk to you!

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