How do I flirt with my crush!? I try to "Just be me" but me always freaks out and has nothing to say when I go up and talk to him! What should I do?


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Janey answered
Try talking to him about non-serious stuff like movies or music just to get a conversation going.
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shadow fighting answered
Crushes are almost impossible to control.
The worst thing about having a crush is clamming up.
The other thing that happens when you do talk is that you say stupid things and the reason is because you are nervous. Crushes never work because the person having the crush is not acting normal and giving mixed signals, shyness gets mistaken for no personality, and eagerness gets mistaken for desperation.
Crushes are always one sided.
What I've learnt about crushes is, the best thing about them is when they are over.
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Tannis Mitchell answered
Think of him as just anormal person. A human being, and nothing else. Go up to him and say 'hi' and smile. Wait until he replies the greeting, and start up the conversation.

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