All my friends have started ignoring me. I try to talk to them and still nothing happens. I try to make new friends, but they ignore me. I really try to be a good friend. What do I do?


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Janette Keenan answered

Maybe try to find out the best you can if something happen that you are unaware of. If you are unable to do so or if you think you have done nothing wrong than continue to be your self. I had some similar problems back in high school and has I have gotten much older now I have realized that being myself is the only way to make friends. As I have grown up I have become more comfortable with myself and have found true friends. Please yourself first before trying to please others. When true friends see how you take care of yourself they will begin to appreciate that!

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Stella Panozzo answered

Well I f the people are ignoring you maybe there not your ideal friends, maybe find some people with the same interests as you, join some clubs at school talk to other members in the club, do after school activities talk to some people there, test the waters a bit and try to be the best you can be

*Tip 1: Be yourself, there's nothing worse than pretending to be someone else.

*Tip 2: From experience, maybe don't be so clingy, give them personal space when needed, DON'T STALK, believe me on that one.

I hope this helped :)

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

First, you need to find out why it is you can't keep friends, and then correct it. Chances are it's something you're doing that turns them off here so do some soul searching here or even ask any friends you have left. So the answer you seek here is deep inside you so start with yourself and good luck.

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alyssa dee answered

Go up to the crack heads that ignore you and ask them why. If they act like they don't see you you're gonna have to be rude so like clap in their face and say CAN YOU NOT SEE ME or something of that nature. It works.

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