The high school I got to is all politics.In order to make a sports team its not about what you know but who you know. how can I be outgoing and get people to like me?everytime I try to talk they ignore cuz they all have there own friends.


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Get use to it  high school is like that. It all ends when u graduate focus on your grades

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Walt O'Reagun
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Nah ... it doesn't really end.
Getting a job is often "who you know" at some point.
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Networking and getting along with people goes a whole lot farther than working hard.

But who you know, largely depends on where you go. Going to a competitive university puts you in the circle of competitive people, while an 80% acceptance rate institution is going to put you among slackers. So yes, focus on your grades!
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Focus on your grades.  Getting into a high school sports team doesn't matter.  I mean, being on your school's football team, or being popular in high school won't help you at all later in life.  Also, don't try so hard.  As long as you have a good group of friends, it doesn't matter you can do sports, or not.  There has to be someone who doesn't discriminate at your school who will be your friend.

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