i don't have many friends, people often try to ignore me or keep me out of convos i am no ones favorite friend what do i do what am i doing wrong?


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You are one of those insignificant, inconspicuous and not of importance person. You must be very happy? For people to leave you alone.

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i am one of those people but i don't want people to just leave me alone i do want human interaction
carlos Striker
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Always it takes two to tango? Find out where fault lies. In my case I would be terribly happy if people left alone.
SuperFly Original
Do not listen to this carlos guy.
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I will give you a serious answer cuz maybe you got off on the wrong foot here....

You lack confidence. People react to polite confidence. Good luck to you. ☺

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i am confident i am nice i just don't make friends stop commenting on this stuff trying to be rude
Yin And Yang
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Wow! Now we all know where YOU stand! Lol!
I won't put up with you being a jerk to MY friends. I'll stop answering your questions but I won't stop answering anonymous questions! 😅 So it looks like you are stuck!
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To have a friend you have to be a friend.

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may be you become sad for little things, you do not see the reason that why others do this with me.or you are such a overconfident person who think others stupid .or underconfident person

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From here it appears they r like the schoolyard bullies.

Cut them loose and find someone who will like u for u. U r better off alone than with ppl who treat u this way.

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Try being yourself, people are attracted to honesty. The website www.jw.orgunder teenagers gas really good advice that you may  find helpful

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I'm sorry you have to go through this. It is important to have friends. I had the same issue when I was your age. So, I decided to make friends online. I joined different social media and dating sites. I used mostly Facebook and BlackPeopleMeet (I know that many people want to find out is black people meet free or not before using it, so my answer is yes, it is free). I should say, I found many interesting people to be in touch with very fast. Also, I met my bf there. Later the situation changed even better as I entered college and found really good friends there.

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