i don't have many friends, people often try to ignore me or keep me out of convos i am no ones favorite friend what do i do what am i doing wrong?


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You are one of those insignificant, inconspicuous and not of importance person. You must be very happy? For people to leave you alone.

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i am one of those people but i don't want people to just leave me alone i do want human interaction
carlos Striker
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Always it takes two to tango? Find out where fault lies. In my case I would be terribly happy if people left alone.
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I will give you a serious answer cuz maybe you got off on the wrong foot here....

You lack confidence. People react to polite confidence. Good luck to you. ☺

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i am confident i am nice i just don't make friends stop commenting on this stuff trying to be rude
Yin And Yang
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Wow! Now we all know where YOU stand! Lol!
I won't put up with you being a jerk to MY friends. I'll stop answering your questions but I won't stop answering anonymous questions! 😅 So it looks like you are stuck!
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To have a friend you have to be a friend.

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may be you become sad for little things, you do not see the reason that why others do this with me.or you are such a overconfident person who think others stupid .or underconfident person

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From here it appears they r like the schoolyard bullies.

Cut them loose and find someone who will like u for u. U r better off alone than with ppl who treat u this way.

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Try being yourself, people are attracted to honesty. The website www.jw.orgunder teenagers gas really good advice that you may  find helpful

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