No one likes me at school. If I try to talk to people they always cuss me out anf tell me to grt the f*** away from them. I just want 1 friend. How do I get one?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Almost everyone goes through something like this when their a kid. Kids that are cussing at you aren't anyone's real friend anyway. Take your time and you'll find some people that have similar interests as you and you will make real friends. The so called " popular " people don't always make very good friends. Don't give up, just keep trying to find a nice person to be friends with. They are out there. Keep trying!

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If they always cuss at you just don't even bother with them. They're not worth your Time. They sound like a collective of detriments to society. I had the same problem when I was in mainstream school I never bothered any one I never tried to make friends,  people just liked to mess with me. At some point I achieved this group of friends and they were ok but then I got kicked out of school.  

How I attained this group was I lived near one guy and he struck conversations with me and I got to know all of the group unlike the rest of over capacitated school they weren't chavs ,bullies and idiots they where funny decent people So I would suggest joining a club because I discovered that several were in involved in clubs and I would have probably met them sooner if I had joined one of their clubs

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Oh! I am verry sorry for that. i think you will just have to ask them why they dislike you. I know this sounds like crazy but tell them your heart, you just talk to them whan you see them, help them and make them know that if they do not like you love yhem most

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