I want to help. Some people feel like no one cares about them and have a negative view of life. Whether they are lonely, bullied, stressed, or just upset. How or where can I talk to people like that online?


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Helping is good. I have the same spirit, i enjoy helping and i love to do what i can! But we can't just jump in people's lives and approach to help can we ? Of course not! It would be bothering and crossing limits into their privacy and making things worse.

Keep your spirit up, in this matter, you need to let the situation come to you instead of you going for it. Just be prepared and when they needed someone, then be there.

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Billy  Hayes
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Great answer. I only asked because I believe some would feel more comfortable talking to a stranger who is willing to listen, that way it wouldn't come back in their personal life and cause more stress. However I do recognize that it is imposing and could insult some people.
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I feel you and that's truth, some really do feel that way so you just gotta let the time comes by itself :)

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