I have no friends, no interests,and no starting place. People generally hate me for many reasons, and no matter what I do I can not keep any friends. No clubs are open for me to join, and I'm not interested with going anywhere or doing anything. Help?


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There is a lot of truth in the saying that ‘the only way to have a friend is to be one.’ Sometimes persons feel it keenly when they are ‘left out’ of things by other young persons whom they may admire. Or they may have had friends only to lose them. They feel very hurt about this. Possibly they do not realize that friendship is a two-way street. So you do well to ask yourself: What am I doing to be friendly to others? How much sincere and unselfish interest do I take in others, and what do I do to contribute to their happiness and their good? What qualities am I cultivating that would make others feel that they would really like to have me as a friend? Basically, the kind of friends you get depends largely on the way you go about trying to find them.

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Well, you might start by changing your attitude - your mindset - on how you view things. You are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy - everyone hates me - no one wants to be around me. People pick up on the vibes that you are sending out.

If you want to be Eeyore - always complaining but never wanting to do anything about it, you will not have many friends in this life.

How hard have you looked to find clubs / organizations you can join? Have you tried your library? They are a hub of activity and post a lot of things on their websites.

If you never want to do anything, go anywhere, be around anyone - then what do you need friends for?  Do you want to bring down everyone's attitude or do you actually want to improve this situation?

Write down your interests, start checking out things online, at school, at church, etc. Decide what you want changed and then go for it. Make a plan, follow the plan. If the plan doesn't work, make a new plan.

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