Why does everyone hate me? No matter what I do, poeple always hate me in the end. I have no friends... I try to keep friends, but I can't, why is that?


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Got candy ? :)

Try concentrating on keeping one good one. Be nice at all times. Try not to speak badly of others and avoid spreading gossip.

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I like you!!

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Thanks Happy. I like everybody, well most everybody, some people I really dislike, I dislike more than I like, now that I think of it, I hate everybody.
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I just saw it. It's so hard to type through the tears.
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Many you are trying too hard. Or, making yourself desperate.  Relax and go with the flow, life is easier that way.

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You sound like a negative person, maybe that's why? Nobody likes to be around a negative person.

Do you criticize the people around you a lot? Are you a downer? Actually these questions will draw biased answers. How about....

Do you smile? How do you greet people? Do you remember any of your friends birthdays? When hanging with friends who do you talk about the most? Do you usually ask people questions or make statements about yourself?

What about yourself are you most proud of? What are your hobbies? Do you work out? Is your room clean? How often do you get a haircut? Do you bathe daily? What is your BMI? 

These might be weird questions, but the answer to them gives a decent scope on that could possibly explain your position.

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Unless you are rude and judgmental of everyone, I don't know why everyone hates you. If your wording of this question is any indication, you are a bit of a drama queen. Stop doing that. Quit making things an extreme of what they are. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they hate you. If you act needy and taking things to an extreme every time someone says something, than they won't like being around you. 

That is not hate, that is discomfort. Put things in perspective and deal with life in a realistic way and things will go better for you.

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I'd be your friend, sadly, I do not know you. You could try having a positive attitude, if you're happy, people will love your company *smiles* good luck.

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I think you should get a user name instead of anonymous because there are a whole bunch of questions with that name and they could be coming from you minute after minute,  making you look annoying rather than anonymous. You could still be anonymous with some random user name. Speaking of annoying, you want to be sure that you are NOT because thats the easiest way to lose people in your life.

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