Is it wrong for me to hate my dad? I feel like no matter how hard I try I just can’t forgive him for kicking me and pregnant girlfriend out of his house just because I had pot. Both me and my girlfriend were 20 at the time and I can understand him kicking me out of the house, I honestly could care less what could’ve happened to me but it’s just the fact that he kicked both her and I out when she was pregnant just because of me having weed. Any advice would help, thank you!


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His house - his rules.

You were an adult ... Knew the rules ... And willfully violated them.  You deserve your "punishment".

And why should he let your girlfriend stay?
He has no responsibility to her.  YOU do.
Which makes your choice to violate the house rules even more stupid.  By doing so, you put her and your unborn child at risk.

Time for you to "grow up" and accept that your actions have consequences ... And stop blaming others.

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Mike Smith
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You have a good point, but you can’t say that I’m the one who made us homeless. Yes, I was the one who was too stupid to do something like that, but I never would have thought he would’ve kicked me out for something like that, especially my girlfriend since she was pregnant. It’s not much of a punishment either if you’re going to kick your son and his pregnant girlfriend out telling them you don’t care where he goes or what happens to him, because something bad COULD have happened
Walt O'Reagun
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Yes ... We can say you're the one who made yourselves homeless.

It's no different than if you lived in an apartment and broke the rules and got evicted.

YOUR decision resulted in you getting kicked out.
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My question is why on Earth would you have weed in the presence of your pregnant girlfriend and your unborn baby. You do know that they will take your baby if they find weed and or drugs in his/her system right after the child is born! You truly are a selfish boy. Give up the weed and pick up an apartment for you and your unborn child! Walt is right, grow up.

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Two good answers. His place his rules

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To "hate" is to feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)

The question is whether your hate for your father is based on an accurate evaluation of both his and your response to the situation.

20 year olds are legally adults, so the responsibility for your pregnant girlfriend is wholly upon you and her.

You are upset that you couldn't off-load the responsibility of taking care of yourself and your girlfriend to him by requiring him to provide a place for you both to stay under conditions that apparently only you found acceptable.

Don't blame him when it was your actions that caused your free ride to end and required you to find other accommodations for you and your girlfriend.

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In the bigger picture, it makes no difference at all how you feel about him. You have bigger problems. One might suspect this pot business was not an isolated incident. Fact is, you wore out your welcome. As mentioned, your old man has no debt to your pregnant girlfriend, and has carried you, an adult, as long as he cared to. You were grown up enough to get a girl pregnant, now it’s time to man up and carry your own weight in this world.

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