I've been ignoring my friends for weeks because of depression and I feel they hate me. I want to try talking to them again but I don't know what to say. Any advice?


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Just be open and honest with them. If they're your friends they will understand and be there for you. I hope everything works out for you...

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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Thank you :) I hope so too >.> It'd kinda suck to lose them because they are amazing people ^^ I just talked to one and he seemed happy to hear from me, he said he's just happy I'm better.
Darling Divaa
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Aww you're welcome. I'm sure it did suck to lose them but you were in a bad place but they'll understand, i'm sure of it. They sound great....
Tom  Jackson
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I think all of your friends will react the way the one you commented about did.
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Just tell them that you need to take time for yourself. I understand how it is to be in your place I've been through it various times. But if they're real friends they will understand you.

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If they're your real friends, they should understand. I had a pretty hard period in life as well, and I wasn't speaking to my friends for several weeks, but after I started to feel better, I contacted them, and they weren't mad at all. I can tell you that this article made me consider smoking weed, and it helped me cope with anxiety and panic attacks, so now I smoke from time to time just to feel better.

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