How Do You Stop Yourself Being Nervous?


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Ok well i hate to tell you but the nerves come naturally everyone has them and there really is no cure but you could try to be less nervous by practicing in front of friends or family and if you do get nervous don't let the people know it just act as confident as possible!
Hope i helped!
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Even experts experience  human nature.  If the nervousness is because of possible rejecting looks about your speech, make sure you believe in what you are saying. If it is because of no eye contact, count it a blessing. When we look out at the crowd, we notice if some are eyeing us in  interest, doing something during the speech, or looking bored. Don't see these people if that is your concern. You can look at people, and not really see them, if you know what I mean.  As you proceed with your speech, move your head slowly in all directions of the crowd, looking up, then down at your paper as not to focus on any one section or persons in the crowd. I have attended speeches where the speaking locked eyes with me, and I became very uncomfortable, as I felt the speaker was asking me to amen her on. The  one other thing is to know that everyone in that crowd would probably experience some feelings as your own, even if they are giving the same speech, but to different crowds even different locations.  Wishing you well with your speech!
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*sigh* when the crowd looks bored it seems as though they are not seeing you important. when they locked eyes on you it seems as though they are making sure you know what you're doing. BOth are still a nerve rack.lolz
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Well what I've learned was to not look straight at the audience's eyes. Look beyond them like almost over their head or on their forehead. It'll still be like you're looking at them ;p.
When saying a speech, concentrate on your words you are going to give out. Just tell yourself you need to say this correctly and clearly. Stop imagining anything about them and just say what you have to say. Have plenty of confident that you'll do well and you wont be nervous. BIG smile ok.
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If your behind a podium, tap your toes.  I take my shoes off and wiggle. I had a friend who stuck tape to the podium. So he had something to pick at. Where comfortable clothing, pin hair back at of your face. You don't want to worry about your appearance. Good luck.
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Try to relax

Like taking deep breaths

I tried that once and it helped me!

One more thing
if they are people talking or anything

ignore it
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Take deep breaths
look the people over their heads that way theyll think your looking at them.
If your doing a science fair project, like me, dont let the judges scare you by their clipboard and dont worry about what score you are going to get be relaxed and know what your saying that way you wont get nervous,
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Talk to someone

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