How Well Do You Know Yourself?


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Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
Many people think they know themselves but it is really how other people see them that they really are. I used to think I knew myself very well. How I would respond to different circumstances, how I treated other people, my demeanor. I got in a discussion with a group of friends about this and they told me how they took the way I responded, my actions and words and what it meant to them and it was totally different than what I thought of myself. I learned at that point that I may want to be one way and mean things in one way but they are usually taken in completely another way. That is just how life is.
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Anonymous answered
I know myself well enough to know that it is only what God says about me that matters most. I can read what He says about me in His word, the bible. For example, if someone says contrary to what is written, then I know that it is their opinion. Do I listen to others, yes. However, I listen through them for God's word. Am I human and still make mistakes, yes. Even still God's voice, whether through Him directly or through another, doesn't condemn, is not critical or neither is it judgmental. Rather, it is full of LOVE. As a result, God's love for me showed me how to grow, how to accept self, love self and know myself. I am free to say, that I am still growing.
Tommy Villanueva Profile
Very well. I know my strong and weak points. I also know my limitations.
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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, I feel I know myself, but I sometimes try to change some things about my personality and it does not work. I can only be me. Take Care!
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Anonymous answered
I have been through a lot and I would like to think I know myself pretty well. I have been through quite a few different circumstances in my life and reacted maybe not like I would have normally....all I can say is I have learned a lot about myself over time and no one is perfect...but I probably wouldn't view myself as others would, I can only try and be the best person I can be and hope for the best in any situation....
Sylvia Cisneros Profile
Sylvia Cisneros answered
I think I know myself pretty well. In some cases, I know that when I really want to be lazy and do things the easy way I usually talk myself into doing it the way it's supposed to be, mainly because I will have to do it again the right way and I do so hate to have to redo things.
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enaj sackey answered
Hmmm....well i do feel somewhat disappointed in myself when acing on impulse because for me that shows your true character. I do,most often react the exact opposite of how i perceive myself to be. Thus you will know the real u when u have to act on impulse.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
I do know good about myself but still sometimes I lost control over myself and make mistakes. A human being always make mistakes and learns from them. This is life is all about.
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Ronnie Maye answered
I thought I knew myself well, but one time, I thought I was going to pass gas, and something else happened. Boy, I thought I really knew myself and trusted myself, but after that incident my perception changed.
Alex D Profile
Alex D answered
Well i would have to say
that a few years ago i thought i knew everything about myself
all of my likes, dislikes, etc.
But today i am still learning new things about myself every day
but i would have to say that i know myself pretty well
but i know that i still have a lot more o discover about myself
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I'm going to be honest here and admit that I don't know myself very well. I think I know myself more than a stranger would but to me I think me and my true self are still acquaintances.
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suman kumar answered
I know much more of ourselves than others knowing about us. I am a very self respected fellow, but who accepts faults if I had done something wrong. I stick to what I do. By doing this i have been framed by some people as adamant person.

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