How Do You Make Yourself Taller Naturally?


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Eat a lot and sleep well that might help to increase your height.
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Yes you can make yourself taller naturally but that is not 100% authentic. There are two main ways:
- Eat as much healthy food as possible.
- Hang up with the rod or tree on daily basis.
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I'm 13 female and have the same problem
My height is 4`9 and weight 5`2
My friend is 12 and I'm 9 months older than her and shes taller
than me, her height is 5`2
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Once you're past puberty, you cannot grow anymore. It's proven, there is no amount of crap you can do (outside of surgery) to increase your height.

Looked into it, want to be taller but I can't be. Sucks to be so short like me ;/

6'4, Six foot four inches, 76 inches, 196cm~ and I want to be taller.
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I have hared eating health food but I'm only 5foot 4 inch's and I'm 26 so I don't know if thats true or not because I eat health and sleep for 8 hours so I think some times in life you have no chose about how tall you will be so good luck I wish I could be 5 foot 8 inches
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I'm 13. I have the same problem its not very nice at all and I have been told that sleeping in a straight line really helps also so does skiing because the posture when your wearing ski boots good luck(: Xx

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