How Can I Stop Being Shy Around People?


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I have the same problem. I getting taken advantage of because I'm so quiet, lately ive lost friends and I'm to shy to make new ones. But you need to have confidence in yourself and to not be afraid. So what if they don't like you or something. Its their problem. Your just being yourself(:
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According to me you are a wise person because you keep
quite. But I think you lack confidence. To become active during your meeting
with other peoples, try to listen carefully and they don't shy to answer or
participate with them. No body thinks about you when you talk. It is your assumption
that peoples might be thinking about you. They will have strange feelings about
you if you don't talk. Try to talk with someone who is very close to you and
keep talking with him until you become bold enough to talk with others.
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i guess you're right that they would have stronger feelings if i didn't talk . It's hard to know what to say to some people though and i am afraid of being annoying to some.
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Chellie, I was shy once....people that know me now would say, "No way!" LOL My kids even say that. Just talk to those peeps like you would your own friend because like Nascarnut said, nobody is better than you. When I'm at a party or something like that, I usually make the 1st move and start up a conversation. No fun to just sit there like a bump on a log.

  1. understand that you are a viable person

  2. never allow "anyone" to intimidate you for they are no better than you, we are all equal

  3. speak up, express your feelings, if you feel ignored say something!

  4. hang out awhile on blurt-it♥   (guaranteed to bring you out of your shell...)♥
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I'm a very shy person and the best way to overcome it, is to keep pung yourself in the awkward situation of having to be social with people you don't know. Confidence is like any other skill it needs practice. So the more you work on it the better you become.

Hope this was helpful

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I guess it alll depends of how confident you are, sometimes you are shy beacuse you let people think they are better than you and that brings you down so you rather stay quiet than say something and sound stupid. But I guess you look more stupid just being shy cause everyone would be like why isn't she talking ? What wrong with her?. So try to think like this I migth as well talk and be outgoing than let people believe am stupid for just being quiet the whole time it worked for me =)
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I'm shy but am pretty confident of myself self I like who I am but how can I become more talkative I just have to wing it I guess
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Well to me there is no exact way to become out going. You are who you are sorry to break it to you. I'm shy to I guess shy people have to learn to contain there shyness. Yea people might think your crazy for what you are saying but whats the worst that can happen. WHEN I EVER HAVE T GET IN FRONT OF people AND PRESENT I JUST THINK I'M NOT GOING TO DIE BECAUSE WHAT THEY THINK OF ME. So I guess just of think of something that contains you and you'll be fine
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I am very shy around people ...people sya I'm very quiet even my sisters and family I don't want to be this way ...I want to stand out and want people to notice teachers even don't remeber my name ...2 days ago I went to my ptm and one of teachers asked me that am I in his me...I have been asking questions a lot in class  so the teachers don't think I'm queit me to become confident

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