What do girls think of shy guys? I'm really shy around people in general especially girls. I tend to be on the quieter side but I can speak my mind, but I get nervous around any girl whether I like them or not. Just girls answers please!


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I don't know Ben.  Wish I could help you!

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Shy guys are cool Ben! 

Just takes a little longer to get them to open up and talk! But it can be difficult at first because it's hard to find things to talk about! Best thing to do is just talk!

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Guys aren't the only ones who tend to get shy around the opposite sex or people they are attracted to so don't feel unusual or different. While being a "social butterfly" might come natural for some people, others have to learn how to be comfortable around others. 

I find that whenever I want to know how to do something I can always google it or, even better, go on youtube. There are also programs out there that will teach you how to be comfortable around females. I hope this helped.

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I've got a ridiculous stutter so I'm usually the shyest person there! It depends on the girl  mostly.

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Shy boys are really nice! And once when i was in 5th grade , there was a very shy boy in my class, i mostly tried to talk to him but it seemed that he was ignoring me so...sometimes it gets really hard to go along !

Anyways, I think you're not like that but pleaseif a girl tries to talk to you then answer her very nicely and fast. (by fast I mean like don't make her wait for you to answer) and so this won't make her think you're ignoring her!

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Meh, shy can sometimes work, but if you really want to impress the majority of girls, then confidence is far more attractive.

Why? It' actually down to biology...

We are all drawn to people who give off signals of being suitable mates in the biological sense: I.e. Women tend to veer towards guys that exhibit signals that they are capable of protecting and providing, whereas guys are attracted by woman who are willing to procreate (?!)

This isn't because we're all cavemen and cavewomen, but many of those primal urges and instincts are what govern our human psychology to this day.

Obviously this is a major generalization, and there are all sorts of environmental and sociological factors to consider too... But the same fundamental principles apply.

What is also interesting is that, confidence seems to be a bit of a trump card.

As in, if a guy looks big and strong, they are likely to appear attractive - but someone who is not big and strong, but acts like he is, can appeal just as much.

What does that mean if you're shy? It's not complete doom and gloom.

Firstly, there are genuinely girls out there who prefer men who are more reserved and less self-confident. Typically though, these women tend to be more domineering themselves.

And.. You can also learn to become more confident through precedent.

This means going through experiences and accomplishments that make you realize how strong and powerful and awesome you are. The more you surround yourself with these types of experiences, the more confident and

SO what are these experiences? Only you can tell what will make you feel more envigorated and confident.

Maybe bear wrestling?

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There are mixed opinions, some girls think its adorable af and really love it and others prefer loud. I personally dont mind. Shy is really cute though. haha,  although dont worry about being shy around girls. I am totally socially awkward when I'm around guys

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