Who Is My Real Best Friend..,?


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Lol this is like a trick question.... Let me look into my magic 8 ball... Oh wait uhm would help if I had names to ask, cos I keep getting "consult me later".  Having a total blonde day.

I reckon the person that knows your innermost, darkest, dirtiest, happiest secrets :) which would as Memichelle said would be you!
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It may your mind
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I can be your best bud if ya want me to be.  The more friends one has, the richer they become.
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Maybe conceited but SELF.
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The person may not be with you every waking hour of your life...but in the most depressing time when everyone has turned back against you...this one person is always there to console and comfort you and will stay by and with you if you should ask the person to. Through thick and thin...hide and seen...this person runs to your rescue...and that is your BEST FRIEND...the best among the best that is!
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The one that is there for you through all adversity, has your back 24/7, will loan you the shirt of their back without question, and, in the end, cries the most at your funeral.

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