Why is my best friend a typical white girl?


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This person is your best friend. Why worry that she is a girl, why worry that she is white, and why worry that she is typical?. Why not just accept this person as your friend?

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That's real crappy to say. If she's your best friend, she's your best friend. I hate the way my best friend dresses but I love her because that's what friends do

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Sane Mori
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Thank you for answering that. *smile* and she may have image issues, low self esteem, or she may just need to feel liked... So she dresses to be something she's not. (sorry if that's offensive but I've said the same about a dear friend of mine.)
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omg she has HUGE self-esteem issues and she has no confidence! I hate seeing her go through it as her best friend, but when she wears that stuff, it makes her more depressed about herself. We went shopping a few weeks ago and we went into a store called Torrid? And she loved a lot of stuff in there! I know she's only "dressing up" to impress her other friends...
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But I miss MY Gianna
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Are you sure ?

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