In school, I'm known as the shy, quiet, nerdy girl. I want to get into skateboarding but it's really hard to make that transition, mainly because I care what people think. And don't tell me to not care. Anyway, any advice?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I don't understand this transition part and what it has to do with being shy and nerdy? Skateboarding is primarily singles sport so what you do with it is totally up to you and really has nothing to with any shy or nerd as you'll be in your own world on that skateboard.  

When you're in your special world, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says as its only you and you best be concentrating what you're doing then.  Not there could be more here that you aren't telling us like you want to enter skateboarding because there is someone else you want to impress and being shy and nerdy, you aren't sure how but again learn how to skateboard and practice to become great and this person will notice you for sure. Just try not to show your shyness and nerdy is no big deal anymore so its up to you now. Good luck and Happy Holidays

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PJ Stein answered

All you do is get on a skateboard and go. It is the only way anything is going to happen. But if you are quiet, shy and nerdy, you will just become that shy quiet nerdy girl who rides a skateboard. If you want to make a transition, then go  to where people skateboard, watch the others and ask questions on how to do tricks.

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Matt Radiance answered

You don't ask people a question and expect they tell you an answer as you please to hear.

I will exactly tell you what you don't wanna hear"

--- > ((( You shouldn't [[[Care]]] what people think about you ))) <---

Because telling anything else is useless and if you looking for another answer to just calm with it for nothing, you wasting your time.

As long as you care what others think about you, you'll be a failure.a loser and people's manual doll as they can play with you as they please and leave you behind at the end.

You wanna do stakeboard ? Do it now! Have the guts and go for it, success needs someone with courage and braveness. You stand on your feet now and will do what you please to do about your life and you won't let anyone to play with your life and determine your choices.

You miss 100 % of shots if you don't take them. You need to build your confident up and believe in yourself and do what you have to do about your life regardless of what other thinks about you.

People will be there to break you, rate you, talk about you and point their fingers at you, lovers and haters will be there all at the same time, but the way you stand as who you are makes you to be who you are. Makes you to be "You" . . .otherwise you can hide and let everyone take the chances you could take.

Fear has two meaning:

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours.

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