I noticed that when I want something really bad , but cant get it right away , I get really ANXIOUS and its hard to not think about it, What's a good distraction to not think about something you want really bad?


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That's a problem with people today they expect instant gratification.when somethings are best worked for. If daddy gives you the car you just asked for then boom there it is I am gonna go raise hell. If you work your but off for a car that you have as a goal then you respect and appreciate it more.

Learn patience.

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Remember that even if you were to get what you want the joy of having it will not last long it will be short lived because that is not the goal, your probably to young to understand but as you get older you will learn and understand that happiness isn't something that can be bought but experienced through hard work and making personal progress hope this helps.

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You get through it by practicing discipline and self control. A couple of generations ago, waiting for things wasn't all that unusual. If your grandparents didn't have the cash to pay for something, they saved up until they did. Sometimes it took months to save up for something, however, this was something they looked forward to.  Can you imagine nowadays someone working and saving for months to buy a new sofa for cash? It's so easy now to open a credit card so you don't have to wait.

Check out the American Girl commercial where the little girls does all kinds of chores around the house, accumulating money to buy her doll.

When you want something bad enough, it needs to be enough for you to wait until the circumstances are right for you to get it.

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I want lots -

If I buy what I want -

My cats won't eat - mortgage won't get paid , car note won't get paid.

Cell phone won't get paid.

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You find a mental health professional as that is an obsessive behavior. Other than think about why you want it. Is it just to own it? And then you find you are let down when you actually get it. Then you really do need to seek professional help. You may think I am being rude, but I have seen people get way too far in debt because of that behavior. I watched my sister-in-law take and blow her daughter's college fund.

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