Does Anyone Have A Video Of How To Pop Your Cherry?


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There isn’t a video of popping someone’s cherry as it is not a commonly- or socially-documented event. The process of ‘popping the cherry’ refers to the hymen - a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia. The size of the hymenal opening increases with age. This can be broken, or ‘popped’ in a few ways. For example, vaginal intercourse, sports that require far leg stretching like gymnastics, and fingering, if done deep enough, depending on where the hymen is on a certain person. Smaller things can even rupture the hymen, such as riding a bike when you're little, or even using a tampon for the first time. Most girls’ hymens are popped before they even start having sex, so it’s not unlikely that is has already happened. When the hymen is popped, if not done gently, it may bleed and cause pain. "Popping the cherry” is the slang term for when a woman who has not had sexual intercourse, therefore a virgin, has her hymen torn (specifically, it is moved aside by the penis). Depending on the person, this may cause some bleeding, so be careful after having sexual intercourse for the first time.
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Yes I know allot of people that have some .When you go to family video in the adult section you should find some there .
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Hahaha  go to to see many videos of the many ways available to pop your own cheery or to have a friend pop it for you.  I recommend having a friend or friends pop it for you.

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