What will happen if you hold in your feelings and anger?


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savannah seymour Profile
You become a very unpleasent person. Just let it all out deary!
Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
It's what I am doing at the moment and I reckon I have hit my lowest but if I speak up it could make me unemployed.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
They will come out eventually, and there's a good chance it will be in a inappropriate time and in unexpected ways.
Don't ever bottle your feelings up, find a healthy and constructive way to release them.
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franken beanz answered
You'll go crazy. It almost happened to me. Better to vent and let things go, but not in a violent way, of course.
Gabe Fernandes Profile
Gabe Fernandes answered
They start building in your mind, until it pops outs...
Sometimes u may feel angry for no reason... It's ur subconscious letting it all out.
U should always express ur feelings, whether is writing them down or sharing them with someone... ;)
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Mel Olson answered
Please do not do that! Its horrible. Just let it out! If you keep it in you will just SNAP!
And i have done it before-its not a good thing.
Dont hurt someone, if you have a stuffed animal that could work.
Or you could just wait until nobodys around and do what you want, but not anyhting violent. You can scream, yell, whatever. Let it out!
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Amelia Dallas answered
You'll snap at someone you love and care about its not a good situation.
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Joy Thompson answered
You could end up hurting yourself and/or others. You will become a "different" kind of person when you're older.
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Joy Thompson
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And another thing is YOU'LL EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jk lol. But don't hold in everything! Talk to someone about your problems and situations!

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