What's The Difference Between Love And Lust?


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I guess the primary difference between lust and love is sex. Whilst sex is a very important part of any any relationship, someone in love will view sex as the ultimate expression of that love.

Someone who's 'in lust' will definitely be interested in the sex, but once the novelty has worn off the spark may go too.

What's the difference between lust and love?

I think this question is actually really difficult to answer because it assumes that the two are mutually exclusive. The way I see it, lust plays an important part in love - especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Before you fall in love with someone, there has to be that head-turning attraction, that chemistry that lets you know straight away that something is going on. You don't have to know someone particularly well to have that feeling - it may be directed towards someone that you've only met a few times, but it's a relentless and powerful feeling nonetheless.

The difficulty in distinguishing the two comes in the fact that lust can often lead to love.
What starts off as just a passionate attraction can soon become a serious connection.

How do I know if I'm in love?

Unfortunately, you'll only know if love is genuine once you've dived in head first. Lust tends to wear off; love is a feeling that can't be changed. To find out you'll need to give a relationship time, trust and devotion. Yes, this can lead to heartbreak if things don't work out, but it can be indescribably rewarding when they do!
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Love and lust are just words and therein lies the problem. We associate certain things and attribute certain things to them but we are never actually sure because they do not have fixed meanings.

Love is supposed to be a deep feeling for someone on a holistic level, whereas lust tends to be considered as a purely carnal or physical sexual level of being.

Nonetheless, one can lead to the other. It is often difficult to consider the two as separate as you would hope that anyone who wants or lusts after you might also want you in a deeper way, but being chemically wired the way we are, we are often attracted to the outside of people, and this is a much shallower thing but not necessarily wrong.

Love, as difficult as it is to define is a way of ensuring that people want us, but on a deeper level. This is why I believe the root of these two words is the same, but they differ one what is wanted.
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Love is the most purest thing that people feel. love is the feeling that connects the mind, body and soul of two people... it is the feeling that makes you feel someone's presence even if that person is miles and miles away from you... love brings more joy than any feeling on earth and more hurt than any physical torture that can ever be possibly felt..

As for lust.. its the thing which initially attracts us to people that we fall in love with..
its the yearning that comes from every cell of your body to connect with touch and feel the person you love in physical means...

they are quite different but compliment each other..
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I believe that love is way beyond having sexual feelings for someone. However i do believe that once someone has deep feelings for someone, as they get to know each other more and spend time together that feeling of lust would set in at some point. I think it is only natural that this persons would start wanting each other in a sexual way whether they intentionally want to or not. Besides who else would they want to satisfy their sexual needs besides the one they deeply love. Uh!
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Love is when you care about someone so much that you would want to spent the rest of your live with them but lust is when you think you love them because you want to have sex with them !
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From the article give below , while love is a mainly a spiritual and mental feeling, lust is purely based on a physical need. Love requires discipline and commitment while lust needs no such positive attributes to manifest.
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If you can't live with him/her after sex, that is lust. If you can live with her/him and enjoy your life even after sex that is love.
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Lust is just a roll in the hay, love runs deep, and is a commitment, hey hey.

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