What's A Word Between 'Like' And 'Love'?


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There aren’t many words that bridge the gap between “like” and “love” – people tend to just use “like” until they’re certain that they love someone!

What Word Could Be Used Between “Like” And “Love”?
I guess you could use “adore” for someone that you cherish and are very fond of, but this isn’t quite as romantic as “love” is!

For example, you could say that you adore your best friend without meaning it in a romantic way. I don't know about you, but I associate the word "love" with pink hearts and Valentine's day - the same images just don't spring to mind when I think of the word "adore".

To me, "adore" just makes me think of hugging people tight and being very fond of them!

Other than “adore”, I suppose you could always just say that you really like someone, or that you have very strong feelings towards them.

Unfortunately, the English language doesn’t really have a word for when you like someone romantically but aren’t in love with them yet. Maybe we should invent one!
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Like? Like is you're happy when you see that person.

Love, is when you see that special someone, and you already know that person is the one who you want to spend your life with.

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