Is it OK if, your husband tells his ex-girlfriend his spouses personal business?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No as this is none of her business nor should it be ever
Joan Profile
Joan answered
Your personal business is just that - personal.  Your husband has no right to reveal any of your personal business to anyone....period.  There are things that should be kept between a husband and a wife and not discussed with anyone else, particularly a X-girlfriend.  You will notice that the 2 who said it was OK were both men.  If you can not have trust in your husband to not reveal your personal business to others, it can have a devastating effect on the relationship.  Trust is paramount in a successful marriage.
marie colino Profile
marie colino answered
I am one to abide to the laws. In my ideal; my laws i follow are sacredness. I believe and feel it to be a dishonor, disrespect, unfaithfull, unloyal, distrusting and abandoning to gossip about my spouse. If I arise to a contemplation concerning my spouse; I shall as the divine for a blessing and approach my spouse with compassion and honesty.
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ian williams answered
High Sea Air Profile
High Sea Air answered
Nope  he  shouldnt  have  no  connections with  ex-girlfriends
alena salusalu Profile
alena salusalu answered
No, its not ok. If it happens to me, I will leave my husband for that, coz our business is our own. We were meant for each other and not the ex-girlfriend.
yvette Jones Profile
yvette Jones answered
He shouldn't even be talking to his ex. The point of being an ex is to never speak to them again, so that sounds kind of fishy.

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