Should A Husband Belt His Wife If She Is Naughty?


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Yes, of course.  The belt should be thick and heavy.  The whipping should be administered over her panties to avoid bruising and scarring. 

She should be whipped until she is screaming/and crying loudly, and begs forgiveness from the man she is submissive to. 

She should be made to kneel down over something as a form of pennance.
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No a boy can't hit a girl that is illegal
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Only if you're having kinky sex fun with your permission other than that, no one has the right to hit you period!
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Only if it’s consensual, because a wife knows has access to your house, your food, kitchen utensils and where you sleep!
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If someone`s wife is naughty, or is unfaithful, or what ever the reason,
just divorce her.
The is no point on trying to work things out, in time the same problem will occur.
Find someone you are truely happy with.

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