Do you whip your wife with a belt/strap?


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Yes, I do.  With her consent.  My wife has told me that she feels much better after a whipping.  That she deserves to be whipped for her indiscretions. 

When ever my wife feels the need to be whipped, She hands me a thick leather belt.  I then escort her downstairs to the basement.  I close all the doors and windows. 

She then takes off her dress and stands there in her slip, bra, and panties, her head held low. 

She then bends over the edge of the couch, so her rear end is in full view. 

During the ordeal of the whipping, she is wearing her slip and panty in order to prevent bruising and welts from appearing on her rump. 

While I am whipping her, she only lets out grunts.  By the time the whipping is over, she is crying and screaming - begging forgiveness.
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I find it much easier to use the belt as it is more pliable and can go any direction she tries to move, but it depends on her level of disobedience- it can be sometimes more useful to tie her down to the bed or table and use the cane as it will make her more aware of the punishment and unable to avoid her chastisement.

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You,re a perv.

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