Do Parents Play Different Roles In Raising A Child?


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Yes, there is the mother is their to love , nurture him or her and the father is there to discipline him or her and to guide them to what is right and what is wrong and both parents are there to love and support them
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Different parents have differing approaches as to how they raise their children. In a sense, each family is like a different country with its own type of government and its own moral values. Some have a democratic approach to raising children by including the whole family in decision making processes affecting the child. Others have a dictatorial approach whereby one parent is dominant in this process. So there are many versions in between the two and it depends totally on the parents. In the average family unit it is usually the father who handles the behavioural problems, ie, the wait till your father gets home syndrome. But things have changed over the years and there are more role reversals between the traditional man and woman. So it would be impossible to say which parent would be more effective in the long term.
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You are absolutely right. It is difficult to generalize.
What I was looking for was the contrast between the male and female approaches and the effect. That's why I set them both up as equally loving and caring towards the child. Would it make any difference to the child's development whether the father OR the mother was the only parent?
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Yes, there are fundamental differences between how a male would raise a child vs. The female.  I believe this (probably) goes back to the time of the "cave men/women."  

Survival was the first concern of the clan, and it was the Male's responsibility to provide the items necessary for that survival.  The female role was primarily to "raise" the children, cook, etc.

Abraham Maslow proposed a theory in 1943 titled:  A Theory of Human Motivation.  The link to Mr. Maslov and this information is here.

It is my opinion that (even to this day) the male takes a greater role in providing one of the five needs that Maslow's theory sets forth: Physiological.  Females (I believe) probably do a better job with: Safety.

The other three:  Love/Belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization are (again, in my opinion) better provided by the female of the species but by no means does this mean that the male is not capable of providing these!  To me, it just seems that "society" has imposed these "roles" and the populace has followed!

Each individual, male or female, needs to be open to embracing each of the five needs and passing them on to their children.  If one endorses or agrees with Maslow's model & then embraces and teaches their children accordingly it should not make any difference to the child's development whether the father OR the mother was the only parent.

I can only add that my wife & I "did our best" to raise our children according to this model and we "EACH TOOK AN ACTIVE ROLE" in each of the five areas.  We are encouraging our children to raise their children likewise.  

Good Q!  Thanks!
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Yes, of course! Both mother and father plays a very pivotal role in the brought up of their child.
Let's start with the role of father, who work hard & harder to provide the best future to his children. He strive for the best food,housing and schooling.Childern's always feel the richest after receiving the pocket money from their father.

On the other hand mother brought up the morality in her children, tells them what is right , and whats wrong.She always concerned about what her child is eating, doing and thinking about.

In a nut shell,both mother and father are very important for proper brought up of the child, but as you have asked about who is more important in case of single parents, than I would say MOTHER. As a father might can get neglected about his children but a mother can never.Itswhat I feel and I have observed and practically experienced.
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I think there is a natural difference. This is a generalization of course. But I think the male father tends to encourage the child to be more outgoing; to take more physical risks; to venture and explore, to do reckless deeds, and to follow instincts and silly whims. Mother, on the other hand, is more cautious, negative, sets limits, preaches introspection and feelings, and proper behavior to fit in society; and in general curbs the child.
The father yells, "Go, junior, go. What are you afraid of?" While mother chides, "Don't run, or you'll hurt yourself. Don't yell; wait for others; wash your hands before supper…." Lots of rules and restrictions. Thus they play opposing roles, but both valid for the complete development of the child. That is why it is so important to have both parents.
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A single parent can be father, mother, friend, and mentor to a child. However, if I were to choose who plays a better role...for all those earlier's the mother. The mother who has borne the child normally for 9 months has that peculiar instinct to feel the child's innermost needs. As a mother, I can tell if my child is feeling low or in the state of elation by sheer instinct. This is know as the "mother's instinct". Fathers have instinct too, but not as sharp as the mother's. That is the reason why women have to bear children, not the men.
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I am not a parent yet...but I can see how our parents raised us to become a better person.  Both of them have different ways and ideas on how to give support, care, love, and faith. 

I would say that, parents may have different ways of raising their children...each of them still share impacts to their growing children.:)
they should have what they call...FAMILY TICE(correct me if I'm wrong).


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