What Did Or Do Your Parents Always Tell You?


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Put your trust in God.
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To take care of my young brother if something happened to them. They always tell me I'm in charge and responsible of every single thing that occurs , whether to the house or me or my brother. I can't help but wish I was the younger one , though.
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Shanna Graves
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I know how you feel. I think my mom expects me to care for my sister if something happens to her. My sister is 32! When is she going to take care of herself??
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To pay attention to what they say,
think about it and, then decide for myself
if I want to do something or not.
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My parents told me that I could have anything I wanted to have if I worked hard enough for it.  They were firm believers that you worked for what you got, you never asked for a hand-out.
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Not much anymore. I've been an orphan since 1972 that's when my Mom died, my father in 1967.  The only thing they might tell me is not to forget them.
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I never had a a "father" or "dad" (although I would have really liked to have had one), but my mother would always say to me, at mealtimes, "Drink your milk, before it gets cold!"
For some reason, I would gulp it right down, because I didn't want it to "get cold."
Mom was "different," at times.

One time, I ran out the back door, leaving it slight opened, during the summer time.

She screamed at me, "Come back here and shut the door!  Do you want all of the flies to escape?  You're not Jesus Christ, you know; you were NOT born in a barn!"
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They always tell me to remember that they love me. When I was a young boy they actually said not to blindly respect any adults - they said that trust should be earned not just given because they are older.
That kind of is at odds with the usual rhetoric I've heard from other people I've talked to. But it was their attempt to make sure nobody would hurt or kidnap me. Hey it worked lol
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Respect Us.. Wash Behind Your Ears.. No Running With Scissors..  If You Make A  Mess You Clean It Up.. Eat Your Veggies.. No Dessert Unless You Eat Your Dinner... Don't Talk To Strangers.. Share Your Things...  Did I Say You Could Have That?? I Could Go On And On  My Mom Died When I Was18, My Dad Died In 2004. I've Run With Scissors Dozens Of Times.. I Like Veggies But Not Enough, So I Drink V8 Fusion, And Take A Centrum Silver.. I Clean Up Messes Of Clients Everyday..I Did Learn To Share.. I Had 3 Brothers And 3 Sisters.. It's Strange.. How Many Rules They Gave Us..
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Wow..i had awesome parents. One parent was an alcoholic but loved me to death and was the disciplinarian, but my mom was absolutely self less and giving, loving, nurturing and fed all the children in the neighborhood. I remember her me in her spanish accent " IBET...SUBEH PARIBA". This means get upstairs when she was calling me for lunch or dinner.
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They passed on about 25 years ago, so my memory is pretty fuzzy about that. I left home in 1961, nearly a half century ago, but what I remember is "behave yourself".
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Work smarter not harder,close the door are you trying to heat the outside,close the door are you trying to cool the outside,you don't have to leave,feed the dogs,take the trash out,dinners ready,eat before you go to school,lunch is ready,where have you been,is your homework done yet,what are you going to do with your life,how did this happen,you want to go with,what do you do at your job,you need to take me to the grocery store and pick me up,you want to go shopping for new clothes(no,no it takes forever to shop),let's take a bus ride downtown to shop and we can stop at the diner to eat lunch at woolworth's,you ready to go to the dentist,this hurts me worse than it does you(just kidding),go to your room,turn the channel,(old dial knob televisions),it will be alright(first time getting stitches hahaha),how did you do this(kid bit me in the back of the head and we found out it was worse than a dog bite),you can eat after the surgery : ),where did all the pop go,you can go pick up a carton of pop(when they still made pepsi in glass bottles 16 oz in a 8 bottle cardboard carton), your going to sit here til your done eating what's on your plate,(spinach,asparagus,stewed veggies when i was young ewwww),
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When I was small and wanted to go to the shop or visit a friend my parents would always tell me not to ever talk to any strangers and not to get in the car with any man even if I do know him, one day I had to go to the shop to buy bread and milk and on my way back our neighbour drove past me and asked me where I was heading to and I said home, he wanted to give me a lift and I said NO, my mommy and daddy said Im not aloud to, he was very upset and told me mom about it and she explained to him what they actually meant and the problem was solved.  They also always told me that I must be true to myself, always strive to be the best at what i can be, never to take things for granted and to work hard.  Always help people in need because one day they will be there to help you when you need it most.
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My dad still tells me not to run with scissors cause at b-days & x-mas i'm a running wrapping fool Lol!  I was also told that family & god are most important & that everything & everyone beyond that are secondary.
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My parents always told me that "life is for living not for complaining"
So be a brave boy
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I was also told to make sure I was respectful when I was speaking with someone, even if that person did not deserve the respect. My parents were big on the ma'am and sir thing to.

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