Sociology Research. Prefer ages 16-20. Tell me: What shows do you prefer. What music do you listen to. How involved your parents are in your everyday life. What impacts your decisions to become or not become sexually active?


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Lia Tan , Female, age between 16 and 20, answered

I usually prefer shows that have an element of science fiction or fantasy like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Avatar: The Last Airbender but I also enjoy sitcom comedies like The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation. Although exceptions of shows I love that aren't science fiction, fantasy, or comedies would be Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Parenthood, and a few Korean dramas (that you probably don't know of).

When it comes to music I would literally listen to almost anything except songs that have too much swear words in it and heavy metal that consist of a bunch of screaming. So that would mean anything from classic rock to classical music, jazz to modern pop, R&B to punk rock, and soundtrack scores to indie music. I even enjoy some genres that people usually don't think of like folk metal, Celtic music, and K-pop.

Since I'm in college now and far away from home, my parents don't interact with me everyday. However they're two of my best friends and we try Skyping or emailing each other as much as possible just to touch base and see how everything is going with each other. Before I left for college, they were very involved as in I told them almost everything that goes on in my life and they gave me advice but they still allowed me to make my own decisions and figure things out on my own.

When it comes to sexual activity, what impacted me to be the way I am today I guess is my family's culture but also the culture around me. As a first generation immigrant, my family still holds some traditional values but I'm also living in the US and I particuarly associate with mostly socially liberal people. This has therefore made me more comfortable with the idea of sex, talking about it, and understanding it but I still hold some traditional values in that I don't want to be sexually active with someone who I don't truly trust or feel a connection with. I don't believe the idea of chastity and "staying pure" is particularly helpful or useful in society (in fact it causes some problems by keeping people so ignorant about it) but I still see sex as something special within an intimate relationship and I'd never think of doing it with strangers or even people I'm casually dating. I don't know, I guess to me sex is a way to express a special connection with someone but that should never mean that it is an awkward or taboo subject.

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