Would you have a sexual relationship with your sister's husband? Or your brother's wife?


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I wouldn't even think of it.

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I guess it would depend upon circumstances. Fortunately I have none to compare it to . . .

The Bible seems to be fully supportive of it though - Deuteronomy 25:5

You can even get the wrath (death) for not completing the task - Genesis 38:8,9

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Wrong, Thomas on 2 counts. It is why I put forth Deuteronomy first. It is the "Charge" of God to step in and create a son with his brother's wife (widow) to ensure that the son and mother have a stake in their birth rite . . . Basically a way to keep the family name going and the mother from being cast aside since women held no power other to serve the man and bear children. It is absolutely the case the brother be dead first, but the question asked wasn't framed as post mortem.
Also, the point I make is the Bible is not a great moral source since you have a man slain BY GOD, for the act of "Pulling Out" . . . in as much as you can find a story where two sisters rape their father to be impregnated by him (I believe it was LOT) only to have "Okay." with it . . both God and Him . . . The very same daughters he was going to let the angry mob rape and kill instead of the Angels in Sodom . . . .
Perhaps my mother's word might help you to know the Bible more . . . hmmm?
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My brother's wife is about as appealing as Ancient Hippy's first wife, although not nearly as good looking. So, no, I'll stick with Mrs Didge.

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Nah, he's not my type ;)

Just kidding! No, I never would.

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