At What Age Should A Husband Stop Asking His Wife For Intimacy?


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Once again I have to say each person is different,and all women don't lose their sexual drive it may diminish to a degree but lose,I can't go along with that one not for all women not as often,men lose their drive also to a degree that is the purpose of after a certain age it is younger women that turn them on because they forgot how to arouse a woman or act as if they forgot,married how can you forget what turns one another on,men turn to younger females as they are with him for fun or money,so they excite him while he does nothing remember it takes two to tango....hope this helps   
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I don't think he should stop perhaps slow down but stop no
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I have no desire for younger woman. Probably couldn't keep up any way. Just wan the woman I've been with for 43 yrs to want me as much as I want her.
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A husband should never stop asking for sex. Sex is a natural thing ment for a husband and a wife as means to share your most intemant feelings for the other. A husband and a wife who doesn't have sex are prone to temptation more than a couple who is. And that's the truth.
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I would say whenever the wife keeps saying no, I'm 30 years old and I stopped asking about 2 years ago because she always rejected me.

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