What Should I Get My Boyfriend For His 18th Birthday?


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Dress up in a sexy nurse outfit and give him a good night
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This probably depends on what you think your boyfriend might be interested in, but I could recommend a few gift ideas. A set of colognes and aftershaves can be a good option and you can often find these sold in attractive boxes at pharmacies or other stores for about $15 to $20 in Canada and the US. Each box may include either three different colognes, or a combination of aftershaves, lotions and eau de toilettes.

If your boyfriend likes to read, buy him a good book. A paperback piece of fiction will usually cost about $10 to $20. In the UK, you can certainly find fiction for under 10 GBP. If you decide to buy a bestseller, you will pay over $30.

A good DVD may also be an inexpensive gift idea. These days you can buy DVDs at fairly low prices. It is very common to find most DVDs (except some new releases) in the $10 range.
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months and what we did on his birthday is rented some movies, ate  his favorite dinner (that I cooked), ate his favorite dessert, cuddled on the couch watching the movies together. That was heaven for both of his, just being together was enough for us both.
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You really don't have to get him anything. If he really loves you he wont expect anything. But if you do get him something... Maybe
  • CD of his favorite band
  • Take him out for say dinner and a movie or bowling
  • Maybe a shirt with his favorite NFL or MLB team on it like the say Pittsburg Steelers
  • Maybe if he likes basketball... Figure out his favorite team and get him an autographed basketball... And do the same with a baseball or football
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Give him a funny cartoon from his
photo. It's always nice and original I guess. I like such gifts and
made my boyfriend a unique gift last Birthday) He was drawn as a
superhero character. And he really liked it =) So, if you need here's
the website where I ordered: https://www.photolamus.com/

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Get him something that will-last and that he can always have and look back on and say she gave that to me:-) you could also do a dinner thing 2 but make Sherie his into it or it way a big wast lol sorry
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This could be an opportunity for you to show him how you feel about him. You could make a collage of your pictures together. Or you could group your pictures together in an album. Also, you could make something yourself for him, like brownies or dinner.
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Cd of his favorite group or singer
pocket knife
guitar strings if he has a guitar
A kiss
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A happy thing if he is
romantic give him ( if you are older enough) sex
funny a joke book will do
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If your relationship is relatively new try to find out what your boyfriend's likes or dislikes are. Accordingly you can buy him something of his choice. If you've been seeing each other for a while this should be relatively easier. Try to think about the time that you've passed by a particular place or walked into a particular shop and he's really liked something but hasn't bought it as yet.
Similarly, if you can find out what he's had his eye on for the past couple of weeks or months you can try buying him that. Again, gifting something doesn't necessarily mean buying it. If you're one who likes to make things, you can probably make something especially for him (maybe include little anecdotes about your relationship into it). Make sure that you decide what you want to gift him well in advance so that just incase it isn't available here you can try shipping it online. If you still don't find anything, the safest best when gifting a guy is always music.
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Thanks you two! I was thinking about what desertkid said and I know he is really likes cars. He also has a good sense of humor, so I'm getting him a model car, but I'm also going to get him a car from the movie "Cars". I'm giving him the prank gift and then giving him the real gift. Thanks Again!!
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Well I think you should spend time with him be a little naughty it wont hurt.....lol or do something that he wants to do...that would be really nice:)or if not you should do him a surprise party invite all the friends and family and be with him that would show that you care 4 him......
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There are a number of things that you can give him as a gift for his birthday. Remember the key " Its the thought that matters the most". To make his day special, you can arrange a surprise birthday party for him, inviting his parents and all his best old friends. Or you can plan a special dinner for him, where you cook his favorite dish. If you want to keep it simple, give him a perfume of his choice. Or better still give him an inexpensive gift of a photograph of both of you in a cute photoframe, reminding him of the good time you guys have had together.
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Aicha gave some good answers. Also, what are his interests? What are his hobbies? Think along these lines and you may be able to find a special sports mug, sports poster, special CD or DVD, cologne...
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I think tickets to a game or concert that he would enjoy. It's fun for both of you!
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Just tell him that his best friend is asking and ask him yourself. But make sure you get a couple of choices so it's not obvious when he 'gets the gift'.
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I am all about saving money!

So for Christmas I wanted her to get me something fashionable without breaking the bank…

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Happy Holidays!
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Wow.... You know, I would just make him something. If your going to try to set s price limit, just make him something. 10 dollars is pretty cheap. . . You might as well not waste the effort.
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Well just give him something that comes from your heart
I bet he will love it just because it came from you
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The most important thing is to know what type of a guy he is; if he is the rough and tough type, cologne or something like that to go with his image like a leather belt or a bracelet would be just fine. If he is easy going just about anything would please him but if he is picky and hard to please then a bit of research would help. If you think a gift article would be the best choice and are unsure as to how to go about it ask his friends for suggestions.

Whatever you think of giving him, first make sure that he doesn't have it already; the safest bet would be to give him something practical that he can use daily and that would remind him of you like a shirt of his favorite color, or something that he may have mentioned that he wants like maybe a watch or new shades. An alternate option would be to go for a concert featuring his preferred band or to a movie; you could also arrange for dinner at his favorite restaurant.
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That would of course depend on what kind of things your boyfriend likes to do, and enjoys. One thing I find most people enjoy is a magazine or book that is related to something they do or want to know more about.

Some very good books can be purchased for less than ten dollars. There are hundreds of different magazines that there is one for almost everyone's tastes.

Does you boyfriend like sports, or motor cycles or cars? There are Beckets magazines for every sport. There are magazines for trucks, hot rods and cars.

There are magazine on collecting almost anything. Fishing and hunting and wrestling magazines are very popular.

If none of these seem to be what you are looking for, you could always cook him a meal at home for two. Every man loves that . . . and if you made it for him, he would love it.

You could pay for him to go to a movie with you. I love to give my husband homemade "gift certificates for a free car wash, or back rub or anything that you know would please your guy!

Remember most of all, anything you do for him or give him will mean everything to him because it is from you. The cost means so little, it is the love with which the gift is given.
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  I would get Rorri  peaton  a  new James bond Video game    He will  like it  a lot
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Give  him  something  that  he  can use  like a  watch or  even just a small card  telling him how much you  love  him
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Ah 18 year old boys, never particularly easy and it all depends on what you think he is into. Console games are always good if he has a console, but you have to find out what he doesn't have and what kind of game is out at the moment and then you have to weigh that up against the chance of him ignoring you more often because he's busy playing the game.

Since he is just eighteen, how about buying him some aftershave or cologne, something more mature and sexy, you will get the benefit of that too!

Tickets to a concert, sports event, comedy show etc could be good and it's all rather dependent upon your budget. A dress watch can also make a wonderful eighteenth gift. OR, don't spend so much and be more inventive, make him something or give him you, wrapped in a big red bow.
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Anyone know what I could get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday in 2 weeks time,, He is so difficult to buy for I don't know what to get him!!! He goes on the xbox bt hardly ever and he Not really into as much as other lads are such as ike football and things like that!!!

Any ideas People asa you know let me know ASAP
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A nice gift shows that you thought about what your boyfriend likes. Think about what he enjoys doing - sports, reading, the outdoors? Sports equipment, a book or some hiking gear could make a nice gift.

Another idea is to make your boyfriend's favourite meal. You can't go wrong there! Follow with a dessert your boyfriend likes. Alternatively, you could go out to a restaurant that your boyfriend likes. Another treat is a concert or a sports game. Consider your boyfriend's interests and try to do something that you know he will enjoy. It shows that you really thought about it and will make him feel special. Your gift need not involve a lot of money; a picnic lunch is a sweet and romantic birthday gesture. Simply spending some time together will mean a lot to him. A phone call on his birthday will also be a welcome surprise.
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Buy him a pack of cigarettes and send him to the local strip club... don't forget to include tipping money!

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