What Should I Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas? Is A Cologne Good?


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Matching your boyfriends interests and hobbies with a relevant gift is a good way to show how much you know and care about him.
As far as cologne goes, many people will find it a bit of a cliché, but don't let that stop you! In my opinion there is nothing better than unwrapping a great cologne for Christmas - as long as it's a cologne I'll actually wear! To find out which cologne to buy, read on:

What cologne should I buy my boyfriend for Xmas? Whilst everyone has their own preference when it comes to cologne, I think they are two major rules for women buying men cologne:
  • Don't go for something too potent- Whilst it's good that a man's cologne smells manly, giving him something that smells like canned bull testicles preserved in benzine simply means your gift will spend time gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. You want to pick something that he's going to wear often, so that he'll remember his lovely girlfriend every time he sprays it on!
  • The second rule is to go for something that is in some way representative of his personality. Giving him a generic looking cologne that features heavily in advertising campaigns or on supermarket shelves might suggest you just picked the first cologne you could think of. Put some thought into it, do some research and wow him with something he'll genuinely want to wear!
Christmas cologne suggestions These days, there are just as many male fragrances to chose from as there are female ones. As I said earlier, every man will have his own personal preference but, bearing that in mind, I can certainly suggest some excellent fragrances that would make great Christmas presents.

1) Sex Panther- Although I've never tried it before, and there is a likelihood that I'm breaking my first rule of buying cologne (insert Fight Club joke here), this idea was too funny for me to not mention. According to the movie Anchorman, this scent has the benefits of being:
  • Illegal in nine countries
  • Made with bits of real panther
  • Guaranteed that '60% of the time, it works every time'
2) Dirty English- This is my favorite male fragrance of all time. It's kind of unusual because it's made by Juicy Couture; a Californian fashion label that is better known for velour tracksuits worn by middle-class housewives taking their poodle's for a walk. The bottle and cap also look very manly which is always a plus!

3) Terre D'Hermes- This Eau de Toilette is admittedly a little bit pricier, but is definitely a great gift for a fashion conscious male. It smells very clean and manly, with a woody note that I really like.
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Instead of cologne go for a nice watch or chain that he can keep forever remember simple and classic designs are safer and usually best.
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Cologne is fine as long as you know what sort he likes. If you're stuck for what to get him why not think about getting him some music he really likes. When he plays it in future he can think about your Christmas together.

Even if you're stuck for time try to think what he enjoys and give something with some meaning behind it - you sound as though you haven't been seeing him for long so perhaps you don't know the sort of things he really likes. It also depends on how much you've got to spend.
If he's got any hobbies can you get him something for those?

Men get a lot of cologne they don't really want so if you are buying him some get a really good one - Chanel for men is classy and might impress him. There are a lot of really nice products for men now so take a bit of care and don't make it look as if it was a last minute 'dash to the shops' buy.

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