What Is A Good Christmas Gift For A Guy Friend?


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Hm, I think you need to be careful with this - if you buy something too expensive or serious, then your guy friend might get the wrong idea.

Unless you have feelings for him, you'll want to give him something fun - and avoid jewelry at all costs!

Think about what his male friends might buy him, and go for something similar. The last thing you want to do is to make things awkward between you!

What Would Make A Good Gift For My Guy Friend?
  • A video-game that you can play together (either online or at his house)
  • Concert tickets
  • Chocolate or candy
  • A fun shirt or scarf
  • A poster
  • A DVD that you know he wants
  • A CD that he likes
  • Something related to a private joke you share
What Should I Avoid Buying Him, If I Only Like Him As A Friend?
  • Jewelry
  • Anything expensive
  • Movie tickets
  • Anything that would make a good Valentine's Day present!
  • Cologne or aftershave
If you really can't decide what to buy your guy friend, just ask him what he'd like. Gifts don't always have to be surprises!

Whatever you choose, I'm sure he'll just be happy that you've thought of him. Good luck, and I hope you have a great Christmas!
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How about a CD? You could listen to it together.
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Maxine Ryans
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That's a really good idea. Except everyone just downloads music from itunes for their ipods.
So i don't even know if he listens to cds anymore.
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I think you should get him a big bag of candy  :)
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I agree. I asked a friend of mine(a guy) what he would like for Christmas, and he said " A bag of candy from you". :)
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A good wrist watch is a good option, or a silver bracelet.
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Some funny accessories are just good. If you know him every much, select a pair fo socks with insteresting patterns on them. You find one at Fool's Day Funny Socks.

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Make him a CD with some really fun and funky songs on it!

Personalize it with a funny song with his name in it towards the end of the playlist. Depending on your song choices, this could be a great gift.
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A card that says 'be mine' then pop the question, haha :)

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