What Should I Get For My Boyfriend For Christmas?


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One cute idea I saw was taking a pic of the place you and your bf met or had your first kiss. And then you can frame that and put memories around it or something. I really liked that idea
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Well I was thinking about getting my bf a shark tooth necklace made of like black leather and brown and black beads. Well at least I hope it looks like that! :D
But besides that, its time for QUESTIONS!!!!! Ask him as many questions (e.I. Favorite music, food, etc.) And you could get him for example a CD with some chocolate or something. But you got to find out what he likes and then make a little mix up of just stuff that you like. I really don't think you should get him an ipod or something really expensive cause you its expensive and he'd feel bad that (if he got you something) he didnt spend as much on your present.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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You can get him smtn that you know he's interested in..say..I don't know..what type of music does he like..get him a CD he's always wanted..a cellphone perhaps,the type of clothes he likes..if he wears hats, you can always tell from a guy what he really wants..for example if he likes cars you can get him a very nice RC car if he's into them or anything like that..perfume also is good..a smell that you just can't stand smelling n it makes your knees go weak wit a very nice letter..I think a card is a very nice way to express your feelings no matter what you get him as a gift..hope I was helpful =)
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I agree with getting something you know he's interested in. You have only been going out probably a month at Chrissy so I wouldn't go giving him something that's overly personal and engrave
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Be creative. Get him a teddy bear and put a necklace on it. You know, the kind of necklace that comes in pairs that when put together say something romantic. Show him that you are wearing the other half so that he is always close to you. Sometimes the most simple things can mean the most. Especially when they come from the heart.
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As a boy, I can tell you that a teddy bear is the worst idea ever. Please don't do it. Just go for something simple without too much expense. Something like a big bag of sweets and chocolates or something from his past you know about (books, games, comics). Please not a teddy bear and definitely not a teddy bear with a necklace on it or you will very soon be single. Sorry.
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Everyone is entitled their opinion but only you, niki, can make the decision that is right for your question. You know your guy and what he may like or dislike. Sometimes you need help getting ideas. It appears that No may think I am not a guy but that's okay. Every guy likes something different just as every gal likes something different. That is what makes us unique. Part of a relationship is to understand the feelings of the other person and it makes things that much more special as those sentamental type things, like the teddybear can mean so much more.
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Because its early days yet you could get him something like a CD or something he's interested in or wants because it shows you listen and pay attention to the little things. If you still want something a bit more personal try putting a lot of thought into the Christmas card you get him. You could write something like 'I really like you' or 'Christmas with you is going to be amazing' etc. Be careful though because its still early days so it could be nice to write something beginning with 'We've only been dating for a little while but I can tell already you make me happy/your special' etc something along those lines.
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I think you should give him a wallet with yours and his name engraved in it. Or a similar pattern band with your names pasted. Other than that, you can get him a perfume also.
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What is his favorite sport for example of it was
Yankees get him like a hat w/ the yankees on it
if it works your welcome if it don't srry
Peace Haters
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Well you have to go with his personality. If he is funny get him two gifts a prank gift and a gift like an ipod or something.
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I had the same problem last year. Does he have a favorite celebrity? What I did was get him a personalized autograph from his favorite celebrity and framed it. He absolutely loved it, and for $10 it was totally worth! Heres the link if you are interested. Hope it helps!

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Haha I'm in the same boat you are thats why I was reading all of the submits so I'm afraid I can't

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