What Do I Do If I Think My Husband Doesn't Like Me Any More?


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Search yourself and ensure that it's not you and if you find that he truly doesn't like you anymore, then love yourself enough to leave and let him see what he is missing. 
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Mine has never LIKED me, oddly enough he loves me. We are total opposites. I don't know why it takes leaving,  for him to say "I love you". I guess it all depends on how you feel about it. It hurts to know that the person you love, doesn't like you. I keep hoping some day he will open his eyes and really see me. I have left him 3 or 4 times for verbal and general abuse. He keeps trying and there is always hope. If you are young and want something more, you have a right to be happy. I don't depend on my spouse to make me happy. I make myself happy, and then i deal with him. I play on the computer, go to Church, do arts and crafts, and watch my programs when he is not home. Then I listen to him, when he comes home from work. He is good to me in many ways, and I know that he loves me as much as he is capable of loving anyone.
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Maybe you should ask him, or something like that and if he isn't sincere, then try talking to him more and see why he doesn't and try to get around the obstacle.
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When I felt like that i started doing my own thing we didn't talk that much and one day he made me so mad I left , first time in twenty years ,he went crazy he said he cant live without me I've been back for a few month and it is better than its ever been but not ever body the same you know what you need to do
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If your husband really does not love you then the marriage is over. Confront him about how you feel. If he tells you he loves you, then evaluate your feelings. Maybe it your lack of self esteem? Are you excessively needy. If your husband loves you and wants  to remain married, explain why you don't feel his love. Counseling might be necessary if you both wish to be together, but your needs don't match or you see things differently.

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