What Do You Do If You Receive A Friend's Call But You Forgot His/her Name?


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Anonymous answered
That hasn't happened to me, yet, thanks to Caller ID and "Anonymous Call Rejection."
John Profile
John answered
Wellllll in truth i would probably tell them because it mite be a sign that i am having a problem/stroke or the start of a illness that effects the memory and besides if i did not remember them how would i know if they are a friend or not. : )
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walter jedyk answered
Kid around ask question as to how they know you.
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
If it's a friend calling even without a caller ID or not listed in your phone book, you just let him or her talk until you can recall. If ever you can't recall...just address your friend either "dear" or "darling" and you'll sound even sweeter.

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