What Do You Do If People Call You Gay?


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Whether you are gay or not, no one should be calling you that to begin with, people have always got something bad to say, no matter who you are, what you do, or where your from.

The best thing to do is to keep your head up and believe in yourself, obviously they want to hurt you in some way, dont let them win :)
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Kaitlin Bleh
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Being called gay shouldn't be a bad thing though. People say it like it's a disease, but it's just because they are different than them.
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Do your best to ignore them.
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I agree with Tallgirt45..... do your best to not let it get to you and penetrate your thoughts. Words are powerful and can effect you only if you believe them!!! If you are mentally challenged with constant thoughts about this, just know that this is an attempt to get you to give in to the lifestyle which in turn can only lead to destruction. Because the 'Gay' lifestyle falls in the category of sin, sin is meant to destroy you. This is why we are to avoid it.

Do your best to think on positive things about yourself and counteract this 'Gay' calling by confronting it. Say aloud...I am not Gay nor will I ever be and let the people know who are saying this that you just don't care what they think, until it is actually true. They are probably unhappy people, who get harassed themselves in life and just want to dish dirt on someone else in attempt to feel better about themselves. But this is not going to help them, so don't let them affect you by dirt throwing back at them or someone else. Tell them something good, that will really rattle their cage:-) When they see you don't care they will stop!
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My best advice to you is the old advice of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt you. Your sexuality is your business and it doesn't matter whether you are or are not a homosexual, it matters that you are happy with yourself. People will always be ignorant, they would call you purple if they thought they would get a rise out of you.

If you feel that you need help with your sexuality, there are many places you can go, counseling, the Samaritans, the internet is a good source of assistance, there are lots of charities out there helping young people (and people of all ages) with issues of sexuality. If you are young, there's no rush for you to know whether you are gay or not, if you're older, it also doesn't matter, life is long, and you get to make the big decisions for yourself.
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First of all you must be aware of what you are, if other people call you gay and you know it from your heart that you are really gay, then be proud because the whole world know that your gay, and being gay is not a disadvantage of being human, instead, it the most colorful, meaningful life. Be proud that your gay because the future depends on you. This is the only thing that I'm going to tell to the people who always discriminate gays, "they are the dogs barking towards the moon".
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You go to hell unless you appoliges!
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If you are gay say 'yeah so what?' and if you're not gay, ask if they have any evidence to prove it!!
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if you're not gay then just ignore it. If you are gay say it loud and proud - it is the best way to find love and it just feels good.
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You should not tell people tht then the problem will get wors and i bet shes not gay she just wants a way for her to defend heself
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I tell them that I'm bisexual and that I'm gay only when I'm with another hot girl.  When I'm with a hot guy, I'm straight as a ruler.
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If you are gay then it shouldn't matter be proud! :D If you aren't then don't make a big deal out of it, even if you were it isn't a bad thing to be, so just ignore that shit. And people shouldn't be calling others gay like it's a disease, it's not a bad thing.

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