Can You Stop Being Gay?


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The truth actually is you can. I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in going to church and all that stuff, but I do believe that sexuality is a choice. The truth is that there are NO such things as "gay genes" or anything that you're born with. If there is , it's all everything you've developed (people develop their brains differently throughout their lives). But you can change it. Sexuality is simply a preference, I think. People have done experiments with hormones by injecting hormones into people. The result is that the person just wants to have more sex, and their sexuality has not changed. ANd that's the point!!! People just want to have sex because its an inner desire!!! But who you have sex with (including guy or girl) is a preference that you've developed over a very long time. Some people are just simply rejecting the whole idea of it being possible because they took the easier way out, and chose to be gay.  If YOUR choice is to be straight, then by all means, you can be straight by just experimenting with different ways. But you have to make sure you're doing it for the right reason - you love girls. The truth is that humans can do ANYTHING possible, and some people just don't want to. But that's their choice. But I guess bottom line is just whether or not you will be HAPPY. If you can feel happy and satisfied by being straight, and you know you will feel guilty and depressed for the rest of your life because you are gay, then you should make the choice to be happy. Some people choose to just accept themselves by taking away that guilty or depressed feeling (they say they "accepted themselves"), but they have never tried the way that they CAN change their preference (that's the hard way..but you'll end up happier). It's like changing your favorite colour...its all about using methods from psychology and just repetition. And think about it, it's all against the laws of nature. Call me whatever you like, but no matter how "open" society is, the bottom line for our survival as human beings is just to reproduce. That's the purpose of every animal or just everything that's living. That's the matter what happens or what year it is...unless you think robots should rule the earth. Some people will just try to reject everything I've told you, but that's their choice, and it's perfectly fine, as long as they're happy!!!! But you should not let those people affect you!!!! Make your own choice - this life is yours!!!! Teach yourself like a baby. Make your own choice, and take your own way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!
Hope I helped.
And to others, feel free to attack whatever I've said. I appreciate new ideas.
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yes you can stop doing things that gay people do with
the same sex if you want to get rid of being gay
that tell me you were just following other people
deep down inside you knew that was wrong so now you want to stop
go to God and ask for his forgiveness and he will turn you whole life
around and put you on the right track
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Yes. You r a human. The species above all. It's your will change the world. Don't let the world to change your will. If you want to do it, go ahead. Do it. Do change your self. Yes you can!
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Do not give up and fight it with all your might make sure to use every ounce of will power
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Yeah you can be whatever you want to be if you really try! You just got to see whats right and whats wrong!
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Yes you can! You don't always choose who you fall in love with but you can choose what you do with that emotion.

Even if you are born a certain way with a certain cultural expectation, you are also born with free-will and can choice to be or do whatever you want to.

No matter how deep a craving or a desire, you can always choose to be what ever you want to be.

So yes you can stop being gay, but you may not be able to stop the attraction!
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Good grief, man! Where have you been? How about forcing yourself to live with and have sex with another man? Can you stop being heterosexual? It's the same thing. Think about it!
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Everybody here is giving stupid answers. You DO CHOOSE whether to be gay or not. Just think of men as friends. Show brotherly affection rather than sexual. You will come to learn that it is a much stronger bond.
Really hope this helps.
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Unfortunately and in agreement with the previous answers, you can't. You are or you are not. And the question is not even why. It won't help to know why should you even find the reason(s).  The question is how do you accept yourself and move on with your life and be happy as you are.
All the best to you.

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He is right, you are what you are, a better question to ask is how do I tell my friends/family....but no you cannot change who you are, thts like saying can I stop being white? It just wont change.  People may tell you its  a sin, its not -  don't worry, God wont make you in a way he can't love!
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Ok in my opinion it depends on what you feel in the inside, so if you're a boy and you're feeling a feeling for a boy that isn't just friends is that ur gay,. If you know if ur gay and you feel a special kind of feelin for a girl then your stopping from being gay, so in summary the question: Can You Stop Being Gay? Well the answer is yes and why? Becuz of feelings. That's my opinion tho others may see it another way

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A person can't stop being gay anymore than he can stop his hair from growing out in another color. The color can be changed after it's grown, but underneath it will always be the natural color he was born with.
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To all gay or lesbian. It is Abomination To God. These SIX things the LORD (GOD) hates, yes, seven are an abomination to HIM:

1. A proud look
2. A lying tongue
3. Hands that shed innocent blood
4. A heart that devises wicked plans
5. A false witness who speaks lies
6. And one who sows discord among brethen

Don't say I judge you by HIS Word of God. I'm showing you what's in the bible?

A worthless person, a wicked man, walks with a perverse mouth; He winks with his eyes; He shuffles his feet, He points with his fingers; Perversity is in his heart, HE devises evil continually, He sows discord. Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly; Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy.

God is saying turn from your wicked ways toward God. He loves you! Give your heart to God. Repent of your sin. Don't get at me, OK. I can understand if you getting mad at this message. Then you'll know what you are doing yourself? It is when a person walk into a flesh and not controlling yourself. All is Well!
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No. My DNA and my loving heart won't let me. Actually, I am very glad and I am glad My Creator God made me this way.
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I think the answer is no. I think if you are gay or homosexual or lesbian or straight, you are likely to be this for all of your life. You may see relationships homosexual or heterosexual relationships and still find them appealing, but you are essentially what you are.
That's not to say that people don't change their mind and that gay men don't end up with women, or vice versa, for a number of reasons, but I would question why you would want to?

A lot of deeply religious people who find that they are gay curse themselves, I could not be part of any religious group that wouldn't accept everyone, regardless of the lessons of their books of faith.

Some people actually try to 'retrain' people to be straight. I suppose with enough conditioning, you can be taught to think that up is down and left is right, but that doesn't make it right or true.
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Well, If someone makes you so upset, you might feel you want to kill him. But You don't. Why? Because of some restrictions. It doesn't matter who but the restrictions. At the end, you are following those rules to live and make the others live too.
The same for being a gay. There are many gays who might be attractive. and maybe all men in the world found (one day) another gay who is attractive to them. Some gays (Guy) decide to drive these feelings in a wrong way and others (Not gay) decide to build a friendship with a guy who might look good and behaves well too.
God show you everything in life, good and bad. and you choose!
I think all gays were not born gays. but, something happen in their childhood that exposed them too much to this world. No one like it at the begging, but latter you get use to it. as you have not seen anything else, that will become your standard.
unfortunately, no matter how would you be happy now with your gay partner, you will end up having a miserable life sooner or latter. This is why you should stop!
the solution:
1. Change your environment and have new friends.
2. Read more in your religion
3. You can't stop the feelings of having sex with men right away, it might take years. but your can stop doing it.
4. Get married, find a girl that match your style. there are many girls who might match your old gay partner! Yes, that's true, That is your style.
5. remember that you are treating yourself from a problem that grow up with you when you was a child.
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You could try but if you were gay this would make you miserable and you'd be lying 2 yourself, so why bother.
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You are what you are... end of story.
There must have been a reason that you even asked this question. I have known people who are gay but wanted to live a heterosexual life style for reasons I won't share on this public forum. This person did get married and after a while he couldn't out run his true identity, he was gay, he did end up having gay affairs and ultimately divorcing his wife. If you ask me I say maintain your true identity and try not to bring others into what you think you may want to be. Or make a decision and stay with that one way or the other because too many innocent people get hurt badly by a decision that wasn't truly a decision that should have been made.
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When heterosexuals can stop being heterosexuals; Gays can learn from them to know how to stop being who we are. They think we CHOOSE to be homosexual. My question is: When did they choose (actually make the decision) to be heterosexuals? After they try to answer the question, then they have given the exact same answer to their constant statement that gays choose. The only choice is whether and when to come-out and be the wonderful gay person that they can be. I am so very happy that I came-out and found peace and joy in just being whom I knew I was as an early teenager in the 1950's.
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You really can't stop being gay.
Church groups have programs and camps where they try to teach you how to be straight and come to the lord, but most of the people who go to those camps commit suicide. That's how I know that we gays are right and the bigot christians are very wrong.
They and fred phelps can go sow their seeds of hate elsewhere.
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I don't believe you can stop your TRUE sexual preference, but you CAN stop your behaviors that refer to it. Many people choose to embrace gay activity as a preference over straight because of emotional reasons having been straight , but  I think those who know in their hearts what their true preference is cannot change that preference, only how they act on it.

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You can't "get rid of gay." someone either is or isn't. There is no changing it.
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Erm I don't know if you can because you will always have feeling for men if you did before but it could of been your hormones before you thought you was gay lol you could be bi if you like both
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Well I was taught that being straight was the best policy but I think I'm a bisexual girls so be you r don't let nobody stop you love all the 17 year old bisexuals yall make me believe its ok.
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It is true that its always going to be with you.. But, you should try to move on and find some guy that wont care about if you were gay. And if you want to get rid of it you really can't.. But, if your asking because of other people (or friends) just ignore them! Or they're not really your friend..
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As blunt as she is, Celticgirl is also right. Being gay isn't a choice. I think the question should rather be, why. Why do you feel so out of place with who you are? The sooner you learn to accept yourself, the sooner you can live your life to its fullest potential.
All the best!

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Honestly, I don't think you can. I tried being "straight", it just didnt work. I still had feelings for guys and none for I prayed about it and in the end I'm stil who I am.
And if somone pulls reliogin in your face, just tell them its not thier choice "its mine".
Just be strong..

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