How Do I Tell My Mum And Dad That I'm Gay?


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Although this all depends upon the culture and society that you come from, this is one of the most difficult things one might have to tell a parent.

The reason is that your parents have an idea about who you are in their brain and unless they are canny enough to have worked it out for themselves, this will be breaking the image they have of their child.

First, make sure that you catch them at a time when they are least worried about other things, this will not allow them to deflect the issue. Secondly, tell them both at the same time, so that they are not keep a secret from each other.

Remember that they may be very disappointed, they may suffer from shock homophobia, they may also be very rude, not believe you, mock you, any possible reaction. They may also already know, or completely accept you for who you are.

The important thing is to sit them down, tell them and then give them some space.
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Remember that your parents love you and although it might come as a shock to them, very few parents reject their children over something like this.
Decide whether or not to tell them both together or approach them one at a time. Tell them that you need to talk and want their support.
They may have already suspected that you are gay and might be waiting for you to tell them.
Most parents are unreservedly supportive and I'm sure yours will be.
If they are a bit shocked, don't worry I'm sure that they'll come round soon.
Most of the gay people I know of have close families and regular outings with their parents and partners.
If people can't accept you for you then they will have to alter their views as there's nothing you can do about who you are.
Be honest and truthful with them and in a few months they'll have adjusted to the situation. Good luck, I'm sure it'll be OK for you.
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Well I think it would be a good idea to go for the opposite sex - like if your a girl you should approach your dad first because parents are crazy and they have expectations of their kids but I'm pretty sure that there is nothing you can say or do to make them stop loving you.
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I think if you are gay like me I told my mum that iam gay don't hate me I am still me just that I like boys but I said it when I were going to the shop in the night privacy so I think you should do the same.and if you are dating a boy you should ask advice from him....I think you should go with your heart and if you tell your friends and they don't like you being gay and they say oh my god just say something like well you are just  because iam and you are not and I wish you good luck :) good luck:)
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Sit down with them and tell the truth. If you wait, when they find out later things could be worse.
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Dude...if you are really should stop doing it and start thinking about girls.How can you love boys?You will never be able to be a (father/mother) whatever you like to be...
What I only want to say is...stop being a GAY and try flirting with girls...
If you don't like my advice...its none of my business :-@
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Maria Not Telling
Ur so wrong its not even funny
Chathan Grey
Chathan Grey commented
That is not a kind response. Being gay is perfectly normal. It is the way you were born. Ignore the haters.
Alana Schmitz
Alana Schmitz commented
Dude, just because your gay doesn't mean you can't have kids. Sure, they might be adopted, but who cares...If you're happy, then everyone else should be!! So, stop caring what haters think, cause they're going to hate, just go live life and be happy(:
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To the people saying being gay a choice I don't think it is and he shouldnt start flirting with girls from what I understand you can't stop being gay but you just have to sit them down and say look mom dad I'm gay you can choose to accept me or not but it wont change that fact
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Take A Deep Breath, Calm Down, and Don't be nervouse! Because...... They're BOUT TO SLAP THE HECK OUT OFF you! LOL! Just kiddin! But tell her the truth, the more you hold it in, the more you fel bad about urself and the more it hurts inside! If your parents are like total christians, it might be a little bit harder. Try! Be strong! I believe in you! Be honest! Or else! You'll regret it!
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Just go up to your mom and say, "Mom, I'm gay, deal with it", and just leave her alone.
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If you are lesbian, start flirting and making sexual advances on your mum. If you are gay do the same with your dad. They will eventually catch on.
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Just tell them and it will go rite unless you do it in the morning it will not go so good.
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Just ask your mum if you could have any old panties that she's going to throw away.  Tell her you need panties but you're embarassed to buy them yourself and maybe she could shop with you someday.

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