How much will i grow from 18 years old? I'm male, 5 foot 6, mum is 5 foot 1 and my dad is 5 foot 11 ... Anyone reckon i got chances of getting taller? If not, is this a bad height to be stuck on?


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Harry Diamont answered
Make sure you get atleast 8 hours of sleep (cause while your sleeping your body releases some growth hormone) also eat healthy and I heard from some people stretch every morning and jump up and down or jumping jacks for 5 Min's per day and it will like make your legs longer (not by much though) I did stretching exercises and the biggest one is helpo growth formula this stuff makes wonders in your height believe me.
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Ace anonymous answered
Ask your dad at what age he stopped growing. That is most likely when you will stop to grow too. 5 foot 6 is rather short for a male but its not horribly bad.
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Meta Forrest answered
Some people keep growing until they are 20 years old, so you may grow a few more inches yet .

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