How Do You Get Your Mum And Dad Know You Want Bras?


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Toast Master answered
I just told my mom that I wanted one of my own. A 14 year old boy shouldn't have to sneak his sister's out of the hamper.
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Paul Gregory answered
No No don't ask your dad, he doesn't want you to grow up this fast, this is a mother daughter issue take her shopping to the appropriate clothing shop and make a bee line to the target stock, pick one up and without a word just give that " I've just lost my front tooth look with as much sad expression as you can muster ! Good Luck !
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Julie-o Winghou answered
Try going to your mom first.....ask her if she thinks your ready for bras yet....she'll probably take you shopping for some if you ask....if she doesn't think so  explain why you when someone runs into you in p.e. Class or something it hurts....I don't know  good luck to you


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Tell your Mum your breasts are getting irritated from the friction from your clothing,and you need or would like some protection......good luck to you
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Maybe just don't tell her go to the mall with your friends or when your shopping with her just sneak one into the trolley
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Ask your mum...she probably wears a bra.
If she thinks your not ready,ask about training bras or sports bras,the work just the same.
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You can give hints like - Mom, I don't feel comfortable wearing white shirts anymore. I'm not so little and I think I'm starting to jiggle. And tell her that your teacher said in health that if that happens, you should get at least a training bra. Hope I helped. Pst, pst... I wish I could have my period now.
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Don't let your mom and dad know. Just put a bra in the shopping cart. Chances are she wont even notice and if she does she wont mind anyway.
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Kyoko Katayama answered
Talk to your mum about this.  Your dad has NO idea how to help you and would be even more embarassed than you to talk about it.

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