Can You Tell Me Something About Mother's Love?


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Mother is something the most precious gift of god there is no substitute for mother.
You can buy anything in this world except mother she is the most power full lady on this earth.
Without mother earth can not exist.
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A true mother's love is unconditional, no matter what the situation. A mother may not approve of everything you do in life but she should love you regardless. I have a close bond with my mom and I could not imagine it any other way. I have a friend that did some things in the past and the mom did not approve and she turned her child away and still today after thirty some years still has nothing to do with her. I feel that this is so wrong. I feel that the mom is very wrong in this because that was that was her own flesh and blood. I think that although her mom did not approve she should forgive her and still love her. Family is very important to me. I wish that all families could be close. Without my family, I would be so lost. We have had some issues in the past and times got tough but we got over them, we forgive and just keep on loving. It is important to if GOD is in a person's life because GOD is LOVE.
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You will always need it, Your mothers love, no matter how old you are, your will always need it.  I worked with elderly women that were very close to dying, and they always  asked for their mothers, some of them would dream about their mothers and the time they would  spend making cookies,,and many that could not wait to be reunited with their mothers, some would tell me their mother was just there in the room, helping them get trough this. It was an incredible lesson. My believe is that a mothers love goes beyond this life.
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This is very true. At the age of 91 my grandmother was dying and she asked for her mother. Then about 2 hours later she stated that her mother was in the room with us. She then relaxed and had a very peaceful look and a small smile come over her face. She then passed away, peacefully, about an hour later. Never under estimate the " amazing wonders" of a mothers love and it will never be forgotten!!

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