I Love My Boyfriend And His Mother Is Getting Too Much Involved In Our Relatinship What Should I Do?


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If you are under age 18 then there isn't anything that should be done. His mother is just trying to make sure that he doesn't end up being a daddy before he is ready. If you are 18 or order then you need to find yourself another sweetheart - if a grown man isn't willing to tell his mother to back off then you can plan on having her in your relationship for the rest of your days.
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It is very natural.Her interference is not something unnatural.As he also loves her son.My suggestion is that you should respect her and try to be close with her and be her favorite.In this way your relationship with your boyfriend will also be strengthen.
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My mom is always asking me about what girl I'm going out with... What does she look like, what kind of person is she, blah blah blah... I wouldn't read to much into it. If he really likes you then I think your fine, and as boris said she just doesn't want him to be a daddy before he's ready. Although from my experience, its usually the girls mom who gets into their relationships more.

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